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Building a Plan for Basketball/Tennis

hey everyone, first post at T-Nation, heard great things, and hoping to get some help

I am 155 lbs with around 14-16% bf which is the average(or so i hear) for a tennis player. I’m happy with my body so far. Im not ripped to the bone, my abs dont show or anything, but i’m lean and I am happy with it. the only part im not happy with is my chest, and i do have gyno, and am scheduled for surgery to get rid of it on March 25th, this upcoming tuesday. I’ll have to recover from that first, but when i do, its serious training time.

So, my goal is to create a diet and workout plan i can get into when i get back from surgery. Obviously, ill have to take it easy when i come back, but i should be fully recovered by the 3rd or mid 4th week of april. I have the WHOLE summer until october to do it, so time isnt too big of a deal

My goals for the workout plan would be to
*Drop bodyfat to 9-13%(im happy with myself now, but i need to drop more for bball and i want to see my abs once in my life)
*gain muscle(have some loose skin to fill in)
*get stronger for basketball/tennis (I am pretty weak, get pounded in basketball and lose to people with heavy shots in tennis)

My stats, obscure, i know-
Height= 5"10
Weight= 155 lbs
Body Type= Endomorph
Waist= 34"

I attend a gym that has a lots of obscure equpiment as well as popular equipment , so any exercises that require some kind of equipment that will help me do these things would be appreciated.

Could someone help me design my workout or point me in the right direction?

Diet wise, i want to eat healthy and eat what i have to in order to cut/build muscle. I am thinking of shaping my diet like this. A cut/drop BF % from April to July 1st, clean bulk/build muscle from July until October. I want to have foods that are easy to make/buy, but give me nutritional value and will help me cut bf% and bulk(combined with workout plan) when i need to. could anyone help me design this?

Also, coming out of surgery. Diet is key for me. OBviously without being able to lift or do cardio, i will gain some kind of weight and lose muscle. it is inevitable. However, i hope to keep myself in decent shape and not gain too much by eating good foods. can anyone help me design a diet for my surgery? i’m pretty clueless as far as diet goes.

I followed a diet/workout program soley for cutting that a trainer gave me. It worked great, but my body has gotten used to it and i havent really lost or gained. MY diet works, but ive seen enough steak to last a lifetime as well as many other foods.

If anyone could help me build a meal plan and a workout plan for my needs or even point me to one that has already been made, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much
Happy Easter

First, read these from the beginner’s forum stickies if you haven’t already;

Training for Newbies, part 1:

Training for Newbies, part 2:

Then read this for an introduction to nutrition basics;

Once you read those, you should have a better idea of where to start. Come back and ask your questions afterwards.

This is a great program for athletes, read it and use the search function to see people’s feedbacks;

good luck

thanks for the links.
however, still have some questions

Endomorph eating- i know that we tend to store fat at a rate higher than most and it takes a bit of extra work to get rid of it. So for my goal of dropping BF and gaining muscle, do i have to do a full blown cut and then switch to eating more caloric-dense food, or is there a way of eating that combines with lifting/cardio to drop BF% and gain muscle at the same time and wouldnt require me to switch beteween the two?

let me know