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Building a Minimal Home Gym


ok, i asked this here because its just for finding the cheapest basics for olympic weightlifting at home.

Where would i find;

Cheapest mats (is a official lifting platform that important?)

cheapest bumper plates and bar

cheapest squat rack



It all depends how important you feel a platform is. I simply went to the tractor supply store and bought 4 mats for $30 each.

I don't know if it is the cheapest, but wfwclub has a great deal on a good bar and a full set of bumpers.

I bought a cheap squat stand at sports authority some time ago and it works fine.


Check craigslist.


build a platform outta wood from home depot and get rubber mats and place them over it, grab the cheaper pendlay bar and buy used bumper plates and get a cheap squat rack from anywhere.


I am partial to this plan for a cheap, DIY approach to building an oly platform: