Building a Lifting Platform

I just moved into a new apartment and I don’t want to destroy the carpet and concrete under it with heavy deadlifting. I’m also looking for something to decrease the noise of the plates hitting the floor some I’m looking to build a platform.

I’m actually not looking to build a full platform, I’m really looking to just build two panels more or less that go on both sides of my power rack. I’d just raise my power rack support bars out of the way and do all my pulling in the rack. I’ll throw another piece of wood in the middle of the rack to stand on so I’m not technically “pulling off blocks”.

Anyone have suggestions on the types of wood or matting to be used for such a thing?

Works wonderfully.

[quote]Donut62 wrote:

Works wonderfully.[/quote]

That is a good design, I have built one to that specification. One thing: it is extremely heavy - if you are going to build one, build it where you want to use it, and don’t expect to move it easily.

If you don’t want to go to that trouble, just use the rubber. Horse stall mat is the way to go.