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Building a Home Gym

Basically, after being told I’m not allowed to do power cleans at my local conglomerated Cannon’s gym, I’m thinking I’ll start spending an obscene amount of money somewhere else every month since a glorified spa and tanning salon isn’t something I can really afford to spoil myself with.

I’m thinking I will buy some basics and start working out in my garden; a solid lifting bench, an adjustable squat rack and some free weights.

Is there anything else the veterans here have found useful when designing a home gym? I’m on a tight budget, but I can afford a little more than just that.

My personal goals are for power and endurance to complement my MMA and judo training, and my lifting workout consists mostly of deadlifts, squats and dumbbell bench presses right now, but since I’m going to the trouble of arranging for this I might as well look to the future.

Although not necessary, a weight stack on the power rack would expand the number of exercises you could do considerably for a pretty reasonable price.