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Building A Home Gym


I just want to know what basic stuff I need to build a home gym that's minimal in cost but also effective (ie. I don't need a squat rack, I'll just do deadlifts or something)

Also could you all recommend me places online where I can buy them for a good price?

So far I've thought of:

1)300 lb olympic barbell set
2)adjustable weight bench
3)pull up bar
4)pads for floor (so weights dont crack my floor)
5)several dif weight dumbbells

Suggestions,opinions etc

Minimal cost + maximum effectiveness please.Thanks.


You still need a squat rack.

You can get all the stuff pretty cheap from nybarbells.com

Buy your plates and dumbbells local.


You need to get a BOWFLEX!!
Kidding of course,
The advice I can give you is figure out your favorite excersise's and what equipment you need to complete them and if thats the equipment you can afford. Also you can build your gym in phases and dump money into it when you can afford it!



Probably more than you want to spend, but absolutly worth it.


Holysmokes man nice gear at that site but you must be well to do! to afford that equipment!


Eh, I've saved for and bought computers for about the same amount and I don't make all that much a year. If I had the space I'd probably start saving towards that set.


get a pullup bar with a dipper attached to it. Thats all you really need with the list you already have. You dont need a squat rack, although getting a bench with an accesible weight rack would help for squats.


Hey man i just finished my home gym; this is basically what i got:

dip belt: $42
300lb Olympic weight set: $100
bench/squat station: $150
dip/pull up tower: $147
mats: priceless....stole them from the front of a elementary school

so basically be willing to spend about $500, if your are lucky like i was you will probably find most of that stuff on sale or go looking at garage sales and stuff.