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Building a Home Gym

I’m trying to build a home gym because its getting hard to make it out to my commercial gym with school and everything. I was wondering what I should put in there. I have 435lbs worth of olympic weights including a 45lbs bar. My next purchase will probably be a squat rack and floor mats. Then a bench press. What do you guys think should be in my home gym? I do not have much room, but I want to make as much fit in there as I can. I’m guessing my space is maybe 80 square feet. Maybe 7.5ft high too.

So what do you think is everything I could/should fit in there and having a pretty good home gym? Also, do you know relatively cheap, but still good quality stuff and where I could buy it?


just start from the top

the GHR can be dropped but it doesnt take much room
the lat pulldown machine can be replaced by a rod in the ceiling witch doesnt take any space either…

80 square feet? You barely have enough room for a power rack, bench, and weights.

wow … i just looked it up… thats about 7,5 square metres… i think the jews had more space than you during WW2

Yup. All I have is the shed in the back to use. I think I might have underestimated the space in there though. It’s probably closer to 10x15 after I clear everything out of there. And I’m on a very limited budget so I can’t afford any equipment from elitefts so hopefully I can find some cheaper versions.

Watch craigs list for cheap used equipment.

Keep an eye on craigslist. Add a power rack and adjustable bench to what you already have and you are off to a great start.

Craigslist x2, it will net you some awesome deals on equip. Paid 14 cents a pound for 420lb of dumbbells, also scored two dumbbell racks for dirt cheap. I dunno if this is acceptable, but I’d just get a powerrack and not worry about the squatrack/bench press for now.

squat rack
bench press rack
a regular bench
pull up bar
dip bar

***try ebay they have alot of auctioned and bidding equipment for cheap