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Building a Home Gym - Low Ceiling

Finally leaving NYC and will get to build a home gym! I’m very excited. The house is spacious and beautiful, the basement itself is big, but…the ceiling is 7.5 feet tall. Unfortunately, the ceiling height makes it impossible for me to really get a full rack given the height of these I’ve seen thus far. I definitely need/want safety bars as my 103 lbs wife likely wouldn’t be able to pull any weight off me and I’ll be training alone.

For squat racks, I was checking out this:

thefitnessoutlet .com/hoist-cf-3367-squat-rack/

Is my only option for benching safely something along the lines of:

elitefts .com/eliteftstmbench-power-bench-rack-2x2.html

If anyone knows of a rack that maybe only goes up to 7’ in height, that would be ideal. I can always drill in a pull up bar into a doorway.

Other equipment I’m looking to add will of course be a couple good bars with bumper plates, deadlift platform 45 degree raise, reverse hyper, and a ton of dumbbells.

All suggestions are welcome.

Titan Fitness makes a 6 foot power rack, the “T-2 Short Rack.”

I don’t know if you’re handy with tools, there are many many build your own wooden power rack videos on Ewe tube lately.

Also check out the “Rogue SML-1 Squat Stands.” They are kinda like a 6’ half rack that you could squat or bench press out of.


I’m terrible with building anything, but awesome suggestions, FF, thank you!

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This is the rack I have. Now my ceiling is taller but bought it for a low one.

In the absence of racks, you could go stands with a spotter system. Ironmind makes a great set-up like that

This is their Vulcan II squat stands


And this is their Pillars of Power spotter system


Both rated for over 1000lbs. Rugged, adjustable, and very small footprint.

Here is a dude using both in conjunction, to give you an idea of how small a set up it is


Absolutely perfect for what I need, and it’s actually in stock! Thank you.

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Rock on dude. Ironmind is awesome.

Maybe a few extra 25 lb plates. Depending on your height, you may not be able to do an OHP with 45s on the bar.

Luckily I’m short at 5’6" plus all my overhead pressing I do seated.