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Building a Home Gym in Toronto


I live in Toronto, Canada. Ill be moving into a bigger house and will pretty much have the basement to set up a home gym.
My budget is around 1-2k and ill basically get an incline/decline bench, power rack, olympic bar/weights, and dumbells.

Does anyone have any idea where if there are any stores close to me where i can personally go and buy the equipment, or any good online places to buy for someone living in Toronto (pretty much everywhere iv looked ill get raped up the ass by shipping costs).


thanks, that site is even more expensive then most iv checked out though, and it doesnt say how much shipping would cost,

are there any actual stores around here where i can go get it directly from there, shipping for these things is ridiculous


I purchased used a good power cage along with dumbell racks and benches, all used, there for a good price. They have a warehouse outback of the showroom that they store used equipment.

Fitness Depot seems to have the best pricing for new and is where I purchased my dumbells, olympic plates and accesories.

Hope this helps.


hammerman im abit confused where did you puchase the power rack and other things at fitness depot as well? or elitefts



i am in T-Dot as well. Craigslist and Kijjii is good for used equipment. i am looking as well.


Sorry about that. First post and I got stage fright.

I purchased all the used stuff (Power Cage, Dumbell Racks and Benches) at Dotmar Athletics on Dixie in Mississauga. Good store with knowledgeable staff. Pricing for the new stuff is not cheap there but inline with most places.

For new stuff I found Fitness Depot the most cost competitive.

I started out with a similar budget as you and found the only way to get what I wanted was to go the used route for the static equipment.

There is another place in TO that sells used stuff but their warehouse is in Baden (by KW). Their names escapes my now but I found them through a google search. I bought a used cable X over machine from them.


thanks for the help guys, yea havent had much luck with kijji and craigslist,

thanks hammerman ill make sure to check out the store shouldnt be a long drive and im not really looking to buy new things it doesnt really matter, iron is iron


Try Continental Fitness.



http://toronto.craigslist.org Why buy new? It's not like weights ever wear out.


x2 on Dotmar in Mississauga.

Boomerang Home Fitness is a division of Fitness Depot, selling mostly used equipment. They have a store at 143 Bermondsey, near Eglinton and Victoria Park.


On the used stuff, call first. I find that most of the fitness stores are focused primarily on the cardio equipment - treadmills, elliptical etc.

Also, try Play it Again Sports. I've seen used benches and weights at a few of their outlets.