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Building a Decent Physique with an Ileostomy

Hey guys. Is it still possible to build a pretty good physique (except for where the stoma would be of course) with an ileostomy?? Anyone know anyone who has done this, or any lifters IRL with an ileostomy??

I am assuming I would have to be extremely careful with any kind of squat or dead (or anything that required a shit ton of core stabilization for that matter).


Dont know how long he has had (ie, how much progress he made with it) - But its a start.

What kind of limitations does having the ileostomy put on you and your lifting? You can still make phenomenal gains using things like Leg Presses and heavy Rows and Pull Downs and the like if you absolutely cant squat. Squats and Deads are good, but they can be worked around.

Hmm, thanks man. Would have to get a little creative with substituting exercises.

Reading george farahs story and even john meadows, both were ale to lift and put on weight with their temporary ileos so that is reassuring

[quote]Boat-J-Doc wrote:
Hey guys. Is it still possible to build a pretty good physique with an ileostomy?? [/quote]

Yes, but I would recommend using free weights.

thats what i would use with or without an ileo