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Building A Box For Squats


Does anyone have any good links to build a box for squatting?I tried a couple of links here and they were really not detailed enough.I'm trying to get the dimensions so I can take it to a buddy and have him build it since I don't have any tools at the moment.


I don't have any links but just get the dimensions you want for squatting. Then ask him to make a platform or box the size of your dimensions.


I had someone send me a copy of a box on cad with all the dimensions, i didnt build it yet but plan on it. Just send me a pm with your e-mail and i'll send it to you.


This is from this site, by Dave Tate...

"The top of the box should be 24x24. This will allow for one to sit way back without falling off the box.

"The best way to build the box is to actually build a series of boxes. The box can be made out of 2x4s set to equate the dimensions above. Set the 2x4s so they form a box. Use 3/4 inches plywood for the top. This will make a 4 inch box. Then all you have to do is duplicate the box 2 more times.

"You'll place one box down then put a rubber mat on top of it followed by the next box, then another mat. If you build the boxes this way and also have a 1 inch and 2 inch board, you'll be able to size any lifter.

"It's important to use the rubber mat to keep the boxes from sliding. This is how I'd recommend building the boxes. If you built just one box at 12 or 14 inches then you wouldn't be able to do any low box work. There are some movements we perform on a 6 to 8 inch box."


It's a box, how hard can it be to build one?

Just make sure it's big enough to fit your fat ass and low enough so you go below parallel.


I posted this a while back. Take 2 double size milk crates. They are about 11-12" high. Then add pairs of 2x8s side by side to raise the level. I actually just use one long milk crate running the long way (front to back) under my legs and add 2 x 8s, although I usually just use the crate these days as I'm s stickler for getting low enough.


Here's that diagram:


How do you know where you left it?

(joke, as no pic came through)



I found it. I reduced it but forgot to JPEG it.


Thanks man.I was thinking of using a milk crate but it was way to low.I'll give your idea a try.


upside down 5 gal pail works pretty well.


i used plywood and a 3x3 wood frame on the inside. its been in the gym 2 years under heavy use from teams and public.