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Building a Better Log Lift

For the next 12 weeks i want to build stronger shoulders and aim for a 140kg loglift.

I need help establishing a shoulder routine day, my current is usually started with push pressing and just close grip benching, and some more isolated tricep movements whenever i feel the need to. I train them twice a week, with 1 of the days i’ll spend time with the actual log, and the other day will be a barbell. Both days i hit close grip bench. Sets and reps are honestly just random and how i feel during that day.

Any ideas what i should change or add?

What do you see as your weaknesses? I’m not close to 140kg, but if you’re not looking for a weight progression and aren’t looking to address a specific weakness, I’m not sure what advice you are looking for. For what it’s worth, I like to hit back the same day as pressing.

Push pressing off the shoulders. I can clean it easy & usually lock out quite easy. If it’s not getting off my shoulders fast enough it’s not going up.

Also, i only push press the log, i don’t jerk it.

Since i have trouble coming off the shoulders, would i advise myself to implement strict pressing since when you push press you basically cut out the bottom portion of the lift, makes sense?

I would say that does make sense. I’ve been almost exclusively doing strict MP for the past year, and I can get more off my chest than I can lock out - therefore I’ve recently put in dips and PP to address this.
I guess you need to do the opposite

I highly recommend learning how to push jerk. That, done properly, can add 5-10 kilos to your overhead. A split jerk can even add up to 20 kilos.

Body weight is also a huge factor, because if you’re a smaller guy, the chances of getting a 140kg log press are greatly diminished, and it’s going to take alot more than muscle mass to get that kind of weight up. Most guys who are sub 120kg bodyweight have to use dynamic technique to get a 140kg+ log overhead.

Some exercises that help in my experience would be close grip incline bench, zydrunas presses, and incline pin log lockouts (height around crown).

Also, log press alot. Not cleans with the presses, but out of the rack to work on just the press.

after close grip, maybe some DB standing or incline press for higher reps (hypertrophy, endurance)? I usually start with CGBP and push or military press second

I 2nd the push jerk recommendation. It easily added 15lbs to my pressing. Another thing to not, if you are push pressing be sure you are using your legs. Try adding in more front squats and leg presses. These both have helped translate into pressing more, along with what everyone else has said about CG benching.