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Building a base.

There’s been talk by a lot of the contributor to T-mag about building on a base, about having a foundation to build from. There’s been the nutrition article from JMB about the 7 habits of an effective diet. Pretty simple but it works (at least it’s working for me). Why, to me at least did it take so long to come to the realization that something so simple should be the foundation? It makes sense that you should start there and adjust as you have your base. Not just jump into something like fat fast or even T-Dawg if you don’t know what to do. Which leads me to training. The articles are without the best on the net, no in the world, but they are complicated and I would assume that 99% of them are assuming that you already have been weight training. But all too often (yes, I am guilty too) people just jump into this program with that diet and these supps. And if you notice, most of those people are still back here a year later still asking about fat fast and extra cardio and steroids. Are there 7 habits of effective training and conditioning programs? Is there a base amount of cardio a person should do before starting HIIT? Is the beginner’s blast off program a good base to use? Is Big Boy Basics a beginner’s program or just an intro to heavier lifting for people used to bodybuilding routines? It’s apparent that a person should practice the techniques and get the motor skills down first and they need repetition, so would a full body routine work, like the ones that were always suggested in the past? Am I being too incoherent or just asking too many questions and not doing enough lifting (actually, I’ve been consistant, but varying way too much my routines).

Wow sounds like your confused. I was where you are a few years ago. It has all come together for me now. Now to answer your many questions, yes you do need to build a strength foundation. You also need to develop a hypertrophy foundation because strength is directly related to your muscles cross sectional area (its thickness), in other words the bigger your muscle the greater you?re potential for strength. Now on to your question regarding a aerobic base, it really depends on who you ask , some coaches think you need to develop an aerobic base, it really depends on a multitude of factors most important being your chosen sport. Building a good nutrition foundation is absolutely paramount to your success maybe more important then anything else. This response so far is pretty general, so I?ll be more specific. For weight training you seem to be a relative beginner so I would start on the pendulum peridization plan alternating between structural and functional weeks, stick with the basic compound exercises. Base your conditioning on your goals/sport rather then personal preference. Hope this fast reply helps, don?t be afraid to ask more questions. The pursuit of Knowledge is a life long journey.

I found this article in the archives and thought of your post. Check it out, it’s packed with basic, fundamental info.

Awesome link BINO. Seriously, that is one of the best articles I’ve ever read here. Somehow, I missed it. Glad I found it now.