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Building a Base


Hi Jim.

I’ve seen recently that you have been trying to get the point across, about building a base.

What do you exactly mean by building a base? Is it a way of getting the muscles, tendons, joints prepared for the heavy lifting to come?

I see you recommend lots of basic bodyweight exercises and prowler work to help build a base. Is it because the bodyweight stuff is easy to do, recover from and doesn’t beat the body up as much?

Thanks for your time.


It’s not about a base for lifting. Rather it’s a base for all physical activity. Getting someone to jump on a box, throw an object or even run is akin to pulling teeth. It’s appalling. Someone better carry the torch of strength and physical culture at some point when the few of us are gone. If not you will be leaving training to diet turds, six-packers and others. A base of all around abilities - play some sports. Real competitve sports! Jump. Run. Throw.

You do this and your strength potential will rise exponentially. THAT is what I’m shouting.