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Building A Base With Bodyweight


Preface: Long

Long Term Goal: Compete in powerlifting
Short Term Goal: Rehabilitate any niggling injuries and develop a solid foundation for the sport.

Currently I've placed my training on hold while I'm having a bunch of issues (shoulders and calfs) treated by an ART practictioner due. So, while this has been going on I've been doing alot of reading into how to go about entering the sport optimally. Major points that I commonly see occuring are to improve mobility and flexiblity (who else has been seeing alot of rehab with eliteFTS staff?) and build a solid foundation with bodyweight exercises.

Now, I've seen a variety of resources from Pavels naked warrior and stretching for strength to Alwyn's new bodyweight dvd.

My question then is this what are the best resources to use to build a foundation before placing a heavy bar in my hands?



Tate wrote a great article about this. I am not sure if it was posted here or is at his site....

It is about a kid who comes in, and the process he puts the youngster through to build a base prior to lifting...

Really worked on the erectors and glutes / ham tie in area.... lots of dragging, etc...

DO a search and if you cannot find it I will grab it and paste it here...


Was it the education of a powerlifter?

I've read it and I could only glean do sled dragging and pushups.


I would think that bodyweight exercises are not going to be overly applicable to powerlifting. I might suggest that starting up you should just start as light as you have to, be careful with your warmups and use your gear for injury prevention.

However: if I were limited to bodyweight-only I would go with:
deep knee bends
GHRs if you have one

Where in ON are you?


Pavel's is probably the most powerful, being as he did alot of one-arm, one leg exercises that are pretty good for stability and strength. You can get pretty strong doing his stuff. Its a good base in general, but powerlifting is very specific in its goals. Get good with your body, and then start doing the squats, deads, etc.


I'm in mississauga


What type of shoulder issues do you have? I may be able to as I have/had a pretty f'd up shoulder. And yes BW exercises were/are part of my re/pre-had.


My right shoulder had an improper firing pattern. It's elevated, so I was told by the ART practictioner that I had to basically reteach it to pull back and down. Left shoulder started acting up as the right shoulder was being treated which I assume is due to the right when being brought up, allowing me to compare it to the left. Shoulders are also mildly internally rotated.


Yeah, pavels stuff is excellent. I've been following his naked warrior program and have taken a break from the gym for a while. However i've found that even tho i've only been doing bodyweight exercises i was still able to bench and squat the same numbers even tho i hadn't specifically done those exercises in over a month. Not that my number were impressive but i was surprised that i was able to maintain a good level of strength with bodyweight exercises.