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Building a Back


Long time reader, first time poster!

I'm coming off of a recent vacation to lifting. Prior to this I was doing some Powerlifting, maxing out at a 475lb pull at 220lb body weight. I'm now walking around at about 235 and still strong, but out of shape. I still love to pull, but I want more of the classic X frame.

I'd like to keep deads in my workout and keep a strong back, but at the same time, cut some of the slabs of fat off of me. What do you guys suggest rep/set wise for deads or back in general?


I believe that you can remain strong and still loose weight.

The Carb Cycling Codex Gain muscle and lose fat optimally!by Christian Thibaudeaund It looks like a great plan forloosingweight and keeping strength. I plan on using it after the first of the year. Give a read under "Authors" and look for CT or just do search in this site...Good Luck...


I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is wondering what deadlifting has to do with losing fat?


I'm no expert, but... Deadlifting puts the whole body under stress, and since you can use heavy weights, the body releases GH due to the stress.

Thats in layman's (mine, too) terms.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


But anyway...

My favorite excersizes for my back are deads, hang cleans, rows and chins...

I like to keep dead and cleans at low reps... 10x3, 5x3, etc... and chins and rows at a relatively higher rep scheme like 5x5, 4x6, 3x8, etc...

But, like you probably already know, change rep schemes up every so often.

By the way, 475lb pull is pretty impressive.


my original comment was made because its not clear what his question is... he mentions he wants to lose fat... he mentions he used to deadlift heavy... he mentions he wants to build a big back...

Also it seems the original poster feels heavy deadlifts and losing fat are contradictory.

I say go grab a barbell and rip it off the ground then keep putting plates on it until you can't lift it off the ground. Lifting heavy is great while dieting or while trying to build muscle and when it comes to a big back heavy deadlifts are great. As far as sets/reps most people find lower reps are better for keeping good form just find what works for you.


I guess what I'm looking for are just suggestions for a routine. I have enough mass on me that I know a cycle of heavy deads will rip up my back. Because I don't want to do a full out powerlifter routine. I suppose I just need some new insight on back training since it seems a bit stale for me now.