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Builder, 5 Weeks out , MP or CP?


Hello TNation, It's been a while. Anyways I'll get right to it... I am currently sitting at 5 weeks out from a novice show (provincial pre qualifier) and a new class was just announced at 7 weeks out. I am sure you have all heard of the new Classic Physique division as it seems to have even been a hot topic on here.

This will be the first year this class is offered here and it was not what my prep was aiming towards. Up to the 7 week mark I had decided to try my hand at Men's Physique. Since the announcement was made that this class would be offered I have been jumping back and forth between the two.

Since I am sitting at the upper limit for my height for CP I feel like I could come in strong and my worry for MP is of course being marked down for too much size, despite the current standard at the pro level. This has seemed to have caused issues and a lot of controversy at the provincial level since standards seem to vary depending on who you talk to or who sho up the day of the show.

So I am looking for some insight/guidance/constructive criticism as to what may be the best decision. I definitely have more interest in Classic bodybuilding but I am also looking to find the best fit for my Physique.

Currently sitting at 175ish lbs.



Few shots






What are the rules concerning entering multiple divisions? Any reason you couldn’t enter both MP and CP?


You have the back, V-taper and wheels to fight in the classic IMO. If you meet the height to weight requirements.


They will not allow any crossover between divisions with the exception of Masters to Open within the same class.


I would fall pretty close to the upper limit so it would probably work out well if I went for it.


Few more shots to go by. MP.




BB, for reference a lot of these are from a couple weeks ago. I like to think conditioning is a bit tighter at this point.


I really like that ab/bicep pose on you

Just go with whatever class your heart is with as you will look good in either category


Thanks Grind, I am starting to lean towards CP the more thought I put into it. Diet brain does not help much when I am indecisive to start with…


Man, go for Classic Physique. You got this.


I dont know what class you should compete in but you look great man. Thats for sure.


What height are you? You’re a huge 175.


Thanks fellas! Definitely leaning towards Classic, I guess all that’s left is to make it official. Time to register and get working on some posing.
Any suggestions on some good Classic poses that may suit my build? I will fall into the short class of the division and I should come in pretty close weight to the upper limit of the class.

Mandatory poses are:

Front double bi
Back double bi
Side chest
Face front
Face back
Abdominal thigh
Choice of Classic pose (no most muscular)


I am about 5’7"


Welcome back to T-Nation.

My vote is CP.


Amazing build!