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Build Your Own Stick for $10


Just FYI for everyone here. I wanted to get something like The Stick or the MuscleTrac for some myofascial release, but didnt' want to spend the ~$40 for one. Here's how to build your own:

What you need:
2ea 1'' x 6'' PVC nipples
2ea 1'' x 1/2'' female-to-female threaded reducer (coupler)
2ea 1'' pipe-to-threaded adapter
2ea 1'' x 1'' PVC nipples
1ea 1/2'' x 6'' PVC nipple
1ea 1'' coupler
I bought the above at Home Depot for almost exactly $10.

Thread the 1'' x 1'' nipples into the pipe-to-thread adapters. These are the white things in the center with the black things sticking out of them.
The other end of the nipples will stick into the 1'' coupler.
Thread the 1'' x 6'' nipples into the reducers.
Thread the 1/2'' x 6'' nipple into one of the reducers.
Put the black and white things and the coupler onto the 1/2'' nipple, and screw the other end of the nipple into the other reducer.

Voila! Massage yourself and feel good. Massage your significant other and feel really good. Later.

See pics for clarity.

Hope this helps.








To me it just looks like an oversized self inducing pleasure maker..

Well.. Maybe not pleasure.


I thought it more closely resembled a light saber.


Soft tissue work is vastly under-rated. Even Jay Cutler speaks highly of it and sees a massage therapist. someone like him can see a specialist often, where as most people might have to go the cheaper route like above.

though, I'd just pay the $30 for the actual product


ha ha

He said nipple, and female-to-female


Great info, thanks! I was also looking to get a Stick, but do not want to pay $40. I recently saved myself a bunch of $ and put together a pair of parallelettes, so this will be my next project.


I might have to make this next time I'm feeling crafty. The Stick is nice, but not $40 nice.


Pin roller anyone?


Gee, when I first saw it was some kind of Jedi archive on how to construct a lightsabre. Nice.


you can get a travel stick for around $27 or so from www.power-systems.com it's a bit smaller than the regular stick, but still long enough IMO


Nice DIY, especially for around only 10 bucks!


That's what i was thinking. I've seen em for as low as $10. Or just steal it from your momma for free.

Nice How-To post tho.


I was wondering if anyone has done something like this except made it into a dumbell handle.




This doesn't look very fleshy. Or like a light. What kinda fleshlight is this?

This is suppose to give you a release right?


Made some modifications to the stick that I built, right around the time somebody posted that Rumble Roller thing. Changes along the same lines, to allow a bit more point pressure as opposed to a spread out pressure.

What I did was tape marbles to the PVC couplers. The middle one I taped 6 marbles to in a straight line. The one on the left I taped 8 marbles to in an alternating left-and-right pattern.

With enough sport tape, the marbles don't move and are pretty stuck in place. It works pretty good. I've been using it on my calves (which is why it doesn't have the handles on it right now, to reduce the size so its easier to maneuver.)