Build Work Capacity from "Scratch"

Hi Coach, All, trust everyone is well?

Yup, me, back again, with the same old story…been back in the gym, 3 weeks, lights out…ho hum.

I am looking to attack this problem from another angle and am looking for input please.

Recap; still walking 4 times per week, and “wogging” / “wunning” 3 times per week. Heart rate at rest is in the 60’s so I am happy with that.

Have also started Coach Chad Waterbury’s PLP program in the mornings and am in 3rd week. Going well, except for the constant pull in the tricep just after the armpit.

Anyway, things in the gym are just not going well with the iron…however, the PLP program got me to thinking…(dangerous) I may be strong, neurologically, and that allows me to pull BW deadlifts and presses, but the muscles themselves are de-trained and my capacity for gym work just plain crap, explaining why I can only last 3 weeks before crashing (CNS & physically -wise). Therefore…I am looking at applying the PLP principle to gym work, I am just unsure which exercises to use, in order to build gym work capacity to eventually follow one of your myriad programs for fat-loss.

My original thought is to base everything around EMOM, starting with 1 rep of an exercise per day, increase that to 2 reps the following day, increase to 3 the next day etc, whilst following EMOM (2/3 reps at the top of the minute, rest the remainder) until I can get to a full 10 mins and then to add a 2nd exercise and climb the ladder on that one too. This sounds slow, but it should allow my body the opportunity to keep up. The plan is to use the Clean & Jerk as it is pretty much a whole body exercise and then to add the bench in after that.

Now, my question is, is this wise? Is there a better way to find and increase work capacity? Remember, I am assuming that I have zero to very little gym capacity at the moment and am willing to take my time…

Thoughts, suggestions, anyone?




What do you mean by crashing after 3 weeks? What physical symptoms/ feelings are you experiencing at the three week mark? Do you lose motivation to train, feel weak or tired, get cranky, etc?