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Build Up To HFT?

I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff on T-Nation about nutrition, different lifting routines, benefits of a-z and back again and I recently I read Chad’s Design Your Own HFT article and one of the specific ones. I have had minimal weight training in the past.

Should I start with maybe a full body, upper/lower split, or just jump into an HFT and slow it down a bit if needed. My main goal at the moment is hypertrophy and then I will be working on making the mass I generate more dense. There seems to be strong cases for all of them, and I realize this site is mostly for people who have a fair amount of experience, but the knowledge here is amazing. Any insight would be great.

ease into it. If CW’s programs interest you and full body go for something like TBT. its all laid out for you do the loads as they fit YOU and do the whole program as desinged. then do another etc.

Id also recomend ABBH as a great starter its upper lower but a very solid program for beginner and advance alike.

Follow a solid program for well years and learn how you react. Learn your body. finish them look at the results do another.

Get the experience under the bar and learn what works for you. keep reading educate your self and then think about making your own program

above all do it something