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Build Strength and Muscle on This Routine?


i use a westsideish routine with just ME and RE days.
Here is the routine

mon: wide front box squats - work to 1 RM
olympic squats 4 sets 10-8 reps
glute ham raises 5 sets 10-8 r
abs weighted crunches 4sets 10-12reps
dumbell side twists 4sets 10-12reps

wed: incline barbell bench press up to 1RM
dumbell flat press - 5sets 6-8 reps
tricep weighted dips 4sets 6-8 reps
bent over rows 4sets -10-12 reps
side raises 4sets 8-10reps

fri: rack pull: up to 1RM
good mornings 5sets 10-12reps
upright rows 4sets 10-12 reps
EZ bicep curls 4sets 10-8 reps
abs side bends 4sets 10-12 reps
(I lower reps and increase sets in later weeks)

i don't want to do 4 days yet or the speed days but i do want bigger biceps/legs etc like bodybuilders but my ultimate aim is strength. can i stll achieve bigger muscles on my routine even if it takes a little longer?



Looks solid, but if it was ME, I'd tweak friday a bit. thats a lot of volume, especially if you are rack pulling for a REAL 1rm before all of it. I would rotate the rack pulls with other movements, maybe deficit pulls, low narrow stance box squats, pulls from the floor, GMs.

One other thought: I've always gotten my best progress both in size and strength with lower volume, higher intensity. You're doing ME work, PLUS 17 sets on each day. How much are you really getting out of sets 13-17 if you've already maxed out and done 13 work sets of accessory work?

Just my $.02


Alternate between 1, 3, and 5 RM week to week instead of 1RM every week. You'll plateau shortly doing 1RM on the same exercise week in week out.


or just change the lift every 2-3 weeks.


Thanks everyone. just to say that this is my 'current' routine and i already rotate ME movement every 2-3 weeks.


i think i exaggerated the number of sets. normally if i hit 10-12 reps i do 3sets, 10-8r-3-4 sets and 5-6 sets on lower reps. why do you think too sets is no good? don't i need to do so many sets to stimulate hypertrophy?