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Build 'Ripped' Muscles Instead!


Building Muscle For Bulk Is Un-sexy/ Build â??Rippedâ?? Muscles Instead


This site seems legit, I need to start shopping at Abercrombie.




Yea I can't really tell the difference between either.


You re laughing, but there are studies which show, that indeed most people perceive overly muscular persons as fat, not only when they are dressed, but also on the beach, unless you really have no water or fat.

The guy in that pic would be conceived as fat as soon as he starts eating and working out offseason.


True, most normal people will perceive an overly muscled person as fat.

Who the hell wants normal peoples attention? Let them be normal, I want to be a freak.




Fuck "most" people. I hope the majority here aren't doing this for a pat on the back from the sedentary observer that still has the nerve to pass judgement on others.


Anyone clueless enough to claim he is fat just because he is in the off season is too dumb for me to care about anyway as far as their opinion. Why would I train to please people who don't even understand what I am doing and why?

Bodybuilding isn't about fitting in. It never has been. if you want to simply fit in, go drop 20lbs, blame it on a fad diet and call it a day.


Fixed that for ya professor.


And yet the attention women give to the "overly muscular" is completely different than how they react to fat guys.

The only people who can't tell the difference are blind.


You're retarded and shouldn't speak upon things that you know nothing about.


Women love my "fat" 280 so why would I care what some stupid study by skinny guys who are jealous of any guy bigger than them says. All you have to do is look at the results of any study and you have a pretty good idea who ran the study and what they wanted the end result to be. It's called discernment, i.e. knowing bullshit when you see it.


That's what retarded people do...


LOL that site is hilarious. I don't know what the dude is smoking


Lol at the 3rd reason for weight training. Personally, thats top of my list as to why i lift weights.. to have a powerful handshake.


I haven't had many complaints either. I also don't know anyone but skinny guys on the internet that would call someone like that "fat". Women seem to know the difference between fat and really muscular. They zero in on shoulder width and chest development before anything else aside from maybe ass and teeth.

Why do skinny guys think big simply means "fat"?


Comments below the "article":

Bill Pairaktaridis herofit.tv says:
May 25, 2010 at 5:11 am
"Hey Shaun. Great post. Definitely ripped muscles are the way to go. Iâ??m tired of seeing what looks like the same guy over and over again at the gym. Guys with huge arms and chests and huge guts hanging over their pants. Plus, most of those huge guys donâ??t have functional strength that smaller muscles that have been created by utilizing smaller fast twitch muscle fiber might have."

Fucking gold!


Notice that it's the same 15 year old skinny fat kid making all the comments?


Does anyone know what this guy actually looks like?


LOL. I sure as hell don't see all of these people with huge arms and chests who are apparently all also obese.

Hell, you could count the people who are actually impressively built without even using your toes and no one would confuse them with an obese person.

The biggest guy I know is 6'3 and 340lbs. He's a fucking house and no woman in her right mind would think he is just fat.