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Build My Own Lifting Routine


Hey wus up bros

Im struggling with following SS,all pros was boring, 5-3-1 was told to be to advanced for me, 5x5 programs I was told no go so. im thinking of building an effective simple routine of my own, my goals are to shed fat get stronger and drop weight ,can any of you guys give me advice on how to build my own I must say I have low lifting numbers so maybe something with low reps were I can use heavy weight all the time something I can run for months make gains and asses from there with out much change to quickly!

here are a set of my 1 rep maxes
squat 1rm 99
bench press 1rm 99
standing press 1rm 93
row 1rm 117
dead lift 1rm 111

how would I use this as an outline to build my lifting routine?


have you not followed any of the advice given in the other threads you started?


yes I have but sometimes its a conflict of interest,i have been doing cardio out ass as well,i just need a lifting routine I like can follow and stick to that is all,there is also another factor against me I take OCD meds that zap my energy and sometimes boost my appetite which is somewhat controlled white flood has been a savior so far, but im going the amphetalean route to control my hunger as well im really a complex figure when it comes to getting a even split

I know some of you guys say later for stims suppressants ect ect but with my meds I need them


1) A program is not supposed to entertain you. It's supposed to get you results.
2) Different people will tell you different things. That's just the way it is. Many things work if you stick to them.

Stick to starting strength. Get your squat up to your own BW (which is HIGH) and we'll talk. 531 is an excellent choice when you reach a point where you can't make progress on a weekly basis. Before that, stick to something more simple like starting strength. Or stronglifts. Or anything else that lets you do the basic lifts several times a week.



Consider SS to be another tool in your fight against OCD, stick with it. As results begin to build up you will become far more motivated.

If you want this thing, then you are going to have to fight for it.

Kick its ass Branndon8, you are the boss, the program is your Monkey. Thrash it!


Why is 5x5's a no go? Madcow 5x5, try it for 9 weeks!


x2 -you're coming across as an ungrateful chump.

As Chobbs mentioned try madcow. It works.


Continue to follow Starting Strength. Stop constantly switching routines and overthinking things.


In the other thread you said:

What happened to this? Why did you start a new thread?


that was for a diet routine,im still having trouble deciding but I did read the top 5 eating habits sticky!


What about this one? http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/what_lifting_options_do_i_have

Or this one? http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/ok_im_down_to_335_can_i_eat_a_good_2400_cals_run_531_daytime_walk_40_minutes_at_night_would_drop_me_down_good

There's good advice in all those threads.


will read right now


lol just do anything


if your goals are simply to try and gain strength while loosing fat, a basic low volume strength routine will work fine.

squat 2x5
box squat 2x4
leg press 2x10
(pick 2 of the above, one must be leg press)
heavy ab work 2x20
calves 2x10

bench 2x6
decline bench 2x6
dips 2x10
side raise or upright rows 1x15

deadlift 2x5 (rotate variation weekly)
pull througs, GHR, reverse hypers 1x10-15
heavy rows 2x6
neutral grip pulldowns or pull ups 2x8
curls 2x8

note: only working sets are listed, you still do your warm up and ramp sets before your work sets.


squat barX10, 95X8, 135X5, 165X3 195X1, 225X1, 250 for 2 sets of 5

dont question just do!


Dude. You just threw another option into the hat of a person with ADD. Do you realise what you did?

Also, his strength is so lousy that there is no reason not to train each lift at least twice per week. I'm half his size (give or take) and more than twice as strong - and that's not eaven an accomplishment.

OP, you are WEAK. Stick to starting strength. OR stronglifts. As you've seen, they are very similar. What you need is consistency, NOT variety. If you're bored go read a book.