▶️ Build Muscle with an Empty Barbell

It sounds easy, but a workout with an unloaded barbell can be deceptively challenging, and yes, it can build muscle. A barbell-only workout can also be a good way to recharge, get a huge pump, improve mobility, and give your joints a break.

High-rep sets also have a positive impact on joint health and performance. In “Science of Sports Training,” Thomas Kurz notes that high rep sets can improve blood flow to connective tissues and strengthen them. Stronger connective tissues allow your muscles to exert more force.

Try a barbell-only workout once per week and see for yourself.

Bradford Cooke
Narrated by Dani Shugart

00:00 Build Muscle with an Empty Barbell
00:24 Snatch-Grip Behind the Neck Press
00:32 Snatch-Grip Upright Row
00:42 Bradford Press
00:52 Overhead Squat
01:01 Shank Lever Row
01:08 Snatch-Grip Bent Over Row
01:15 Straight-Arm Pullover
01:22 Lying or Standing Triceps Extension
01:35 Barbell Curl
01:42 Reverse Curl
01:52 Wrist Curl
01:59 Walking Lunge


Dani did such a great job narrating this.
Just remember boys and girls, 100 reps with bad form will only ingrain a bad habit. Make sure to get the movement right.


Thank you so much! I get to do the fun part of these vids. :joy:

And you’ve made such a great point there.:facepunch:


Great video. Thanks. 100 reps on the Bradford press sounds tempting.

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