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Build Like a Badass for Hypertrophy


Quick question,

I'm looking at starting Built like a badass(Joe DeFranco)

would it be recommended for hypertrophy?

Obviously it is not for maximum hypertrophy like a bodybuilder split would be but i am also looking at conditioning and improving overall health and fitness.

But most sprinters and football players look like they bodybuild, so i was wondering if i could get that sort of look from this program along with eating a hell of a lot due to the cardio work.



More than likely

Go for it then report back when you've finished. Will be interesting to read.


It depends on a lot more things than just a program template. Use it and find out for yourself.


Thanks for the replies guys,

I will try the routine for 12 weeks and report back.

if i remember !


Good luck. Remember that nothing gets accomplished without a good diet.


yes, will build muscle -a very solid program


remember to report after done.