Build Back Better Training Log

Deleting the pics because no one cares including me and Id rather not give out information on the internet (I would cringe really hard if someone who knew me would recognize me)

Biggest fail day of my life

Training was ok

Seated calf machine flipped over at 4 plates on one side with plenty of people crammed around

15min after, was sharing squat rack for squats, the thick bar (only one left) popped out of the shitty manta ray I had at the xxth rep of a end of training high rep squat all out set with high ankle raised, came on my neck and I folded over with no safeties (3 plates, not that bad but still), people were also crammed around

Not injured but I wish there was a back door exit of the gym right now (even if I know no one cares)

sorry it was a tough day.

the good news is you only have to live today once.

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Tougher more for my pride more than anything lol

On a side note I think I’ll buy the real manta ray, the knock off I have doesnt feel solid at all, a lot different than when I tried the real one

The small headache I have right now also makes me want to buy that training mouth piece I saw in ads for some reason

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The rep was not nearly as good as the ones last weeks, it felt hard. Barbell was too thin


DB bench 155x6 (hard dumbells)
Still good, if I dont get 155x7 with the easy ones next time its time to try the 160 for a different stimulus


Accessories dont feel good right now
DB bench didnt feel strong actually even if I hit my weight, didnt want to jinx myself writing it for next time but we will see

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Shoulders 290x1 (PR)

Gym was full of johnny one plates, waited 10min for a regular barbell, then I settled for a thick one (too thick, and last week was too thin smh).

I thought it would be the end of the run with having that contrast but I got it anyway (very hard though)


congrats on your PR

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Next week will be especially hard too since I dont think I can jump from 235, 255 to 295 instead of 290 like I just did, I’ll have to bump to 240 and 260 (it makes a difference)

DB bench 155x7 (PR)

Another great session

I will do 160 next session anyway because 8 or 9 reps gets too difficult in my experience, it feels like a switch to another energy system and the gap is too much. 7th rep wasnt crisp too

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Or 155 again but with the awkward DB at the other gym (aiming for 7), I’ll see

Didnt get 295 on shoulders, the end

Got too confident with my recent gain episode and didnt take a day between legs and shoulders

I’ll try again next week but taking a day between, if that doesnt work Im switching shoulders day, no point in hurting yourself against the start of a wall

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DB bench 160x4 or 5

Confused about my count,it’s 50/50 between 4 or 5

Doesnt matter in both case because its a new weight and 4 reps might be a PR too

The feel was great, that is what is important

I’ll just aim for 5 reps next time but on the harder DB at the other gym

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Still didnt get the 295 so im switching things around, barbell press will be on the backburner

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Did 45 95 135 155 175x3 195x3 today

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Didnt workout today or yesterday (had a small cold), tomorrow is pecs and I hope the 2 extra days in between will not make it the end of that run too

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DB bench 160x5 (PR)

Hard DB (didnt feel imbalanced for once, I guess I put my hands in the right spot)

I was even closer to 6 reps than 5, having attempted a sixth one

So it’s still going good

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