Build Back Better Training Log

Legs today

It was obvious after doing 200kg which was harder than last time that 220kg wasnt going to happen so I didnt try. I will hammer the assistance exercises instead. This is what I like the most about my style of training (a lot of different exercises), you can always make up if things dont go your way

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Looking at this log, I barely made any gains since december and my shoulders arent even back

That will give me motivation to fix my diet for real at home in 2-3 weeks where I have more control

shoulders - 114.6kg (110kg + 5lbs each side)
same idea as last time

this entry is me thinking out loud in my little internet space

I feel like I might give back squats a try again when I get home (but with lots of caveats)

They will be done as 3rd or 4nd exercise and for sets of 8+ reps (still with as much as I can so hopefully 400lbs+ so it starts paying off). I still will go heavy on zerchers at the very beginning (because you need too) and between these two lifts I’ll do machines and my lunges. I will also use a manta ray apparatus for the bar to be even higher. I might also use a small heels lifted position (will see, never tried before). I will also relearn how to squat going completely straight down and brace hard with my lower back pushing straight back to tilt my hips posteriorly (like I have learned to do only recently)

I have no interest in squatting any more powerlifting style than what I have described, these kind of squats are really awful for development, I wouldnt even care about hitting a 585lbs one like that. They tend give pear shaped large hips and skinny legs. Combine this with the lower pecs powerlifting bench press and you have a good female build

Could be a good mix with my zerchers since these give good glutes development (Im a buttle butt guy now lol, deep glutes but not large) and just acceptable quads (almost like a front squat but maybe not quite, front squats I cant clean grip and cross grip makes me vulnerable).


140x6 DB bench

No pain, did the whole ramp flared out almost completely.

Tried to start flaring out my arms for the 140lbs set but only could start it tucked (not used to these weights anymore), did 3 reps and then couldnt do more for some reason (probably not warmed up enough with that mechanic since I didnt ramp up tucked in). The next 3 reps was flared out like in the old days, which was easy because of the muscle memory that woke up

So very weird sequence

Addendum: Machine press flared out as a 2nd exercise. Since these are pecs insertion dominant work (what I am aiming for in my training life), and since I have been avoiding that for months because of my shoulders after this my body was craving some lower titties stimulation. I dont have a wide grip dip station here, so I decided to do some heavy bench press with a conventional dutiful ramp up (lol… hate it honestly).

Short story 365lbs flew up, and I dont think I have been above 325lbs since 2017. Still wont try again next week

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People only care about this sub par exercise, it’s so dumb (not that I care if people care or not about what I do). You can feel it and see the aztec girls around you at the gym bite their lips because of it

Anyway why am I here again, writing all of this on this boomer forum ? Yeah I came here because I was trolling Jenn Newborn youtube and found out she was logging here, so I figured I would log too (but I got sidetracked in the politics section instead). I don’t have time for that actually and it’s all written in my head

Might buy a supp or two on my way out

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Just letting the internet know about my latest idea

Bought these shoes for not much

And decided I will add a custom heel lift just like this guy does, with just the height I want for maximum quads stimulation

How to Glue a Heel Lift - YouTube

Big projects

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Pecs yesterday

Could do 140x7 DB bench flared out
The rest was mostly high effort low or medium weight machine pecs “fluff”

I realize DB bench flared out or with arms tucked in is a very different movement for me. The carry over is a lot smaller than you would think, I am still at my somewhat de-trained baseline for the flared out pattern after all these months of only being able to do tucked in. 150x7 and 155x4 is a trained baseline and anything significantly over that I am getting close or above my peak. Id say that for me tucked in goes along the barbell bench pattern and flared out is for the aestheticz

just found an awesome grip


265x1 press

decent weight for me, went really well. Warming up my rotators cuffs is a good strategy


DB bench 145x6? then training partner (I have one now lol) did the finger stabilize thing for 155x3 (doesn’t count but the feeling was good)

My pressing is going well, I think my nutrition is making the difference now as I am back home.

I also started creatine monohydrate too and it’s making a difference (belching a bit though)

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