▶️ Build a Superhero V-Taper

A V-taper physique: it’s the shape your body makes when you have broad shoulders, a thick upper back, wide lats, and a narrow waist. It’s the look of physical power, twisted steel, and sex appeal.

Science backs it up. Research shows that men who have a shoulder circumference 1.6 times greater than their hips are viewed as more attractive to women. It’s called “the golden ratio.”

The only problem? The best exercises to build a V-taper physique often leave your elbows and shoulders battered. This makes it harder to be consistent. No worries. Here are seven joint-friendly lifts that build the same areas.

Eric Bach

00:00 Build a Superhero V-Taper
00:12 One-Arm Dumbbell Press
00:28 Half-Kneeling Landmine Press
00:46 Isodynamic Contrast Lateral Raise
01:00 Dumbbell Hang Clean & Press
01:30 Two-Minute Farmer’s Walk
01:49 Jackknife Pull-Up
02:06 Trap Bar Bent-Over Row

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