Build a Huge Chest in Six Weeks


Two Questions.

Did any of u guys do some extra chest exercises on this program or only those two which Chad recommends?

And does anyone have another good chest programm or a combination of Chads programm with some own mix?

I guess you are a beginner since you’re posting in the beginner’s section. As such, Chad’s program should be entirely sufficient on its own.

You, as well as the other beginners, should stop trying to out-think the programs that you use and just follow it. That is the recurring theme on a lot of these threads… i.e. Can I substitute this for that? Can I add thirty million chest flyes to the dumbbell presses?

Stick to the program, to the letter. Only after you’ve completed it, would it be prudent to make the assessment that maybe you didn’t get the results you wanted and may try to change it up.

No i ain’t a noob. I’m doing this for three years now.

Chad has a two day programm and two exercises for the chest. I wanted to know how efficient they are and if i could or should combine them with other exercises. Practically i wanted to know if someone tried them or not and how did it work out at the end.