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Build a Dream


yes,you heard what i said,build a dream ,a dream of what ,a body that women will cry over, A body that when you take off your coat this winter, People set and stear,everyone that hits the gym know what i mean.a body that at christmas dinner your family says,are you using steroids,it all starts with decation.get with it suck up the pain.getting big dont mean going to the gym 4, 2 weeks and then your going to get big.

But it does mean in time with the right training and diet it is possiable,so why only dream big,live it starting these week.. remember stay clean train mean.get crazy ,dont train like a human train like what we are made out to be a machine,yes a extreme BULKING MACHINE


... umm what the hell are you on about?


I think we should give the BULKING MACHINE his own motivational thread.

Truly a classic line. And I would have to answer, "Come on mom, I'm 44 years old, you know I wouldn't get into anything like that. I've just been lifting more lately. Pass me some more of that great turkey please, I'm BULKING."


That line stood out for me too.

Honest to god, my first reply to you in that other thread was a mocking one but this stuff you're writing isn't so bad.

Yes, you type your posts like a complete moron . . . but you're creating an emotional response in the reader which is far more important.

Tomorrow I'm going to down a whole gallon of chocolate milk . . . 'cause I'M BULKING.


Had to give this one a bump.

I think we have a new T-Nation superstar.


I'm not sure what Decation is (do they sell that in the Biotest store, or do I have to go to Mexico?), but I feel what you're sayin'.

BTW- I know you meant dedication, I'm just bustin' your chops...

Go lift hard.


i think we should get the bulking machine a spelling and grammar machine so he can communicate his drive and passion intelligently. other than that, the BM seems pretty hardcore and i can appreciate that.

BM, what are your goals? competition, strongman, etc.? just curious so we all know what motivates you.


Good to see some motivation and passion but according to your profile you have been training one month and your occupation is "lifter 4 life".

How old are you?


Was there a point to the post or is he thinking aloud,... publicly?


I think this guy might be some sort of savant; Rain Man, but with an American flag bandana on his head (you know he wears one.)

After having read this and his other posts, I have an idea: BULKING MACHINE TV. Not a reality show, fuck that. 24 hours a day, this guy just sitting in a chair talking about his thoughts, feelings, emotions, smells. And, if he stops talking, he gets poked with a stick.

Anybody with me?


Yeah I got a chuckle out of it,
the christmas dinner line rings true. Yeah a little more editing would go a ways. Yeah, so ... hmmmm .... chocolate milk.


there is one thing ,you all should know.i have been working out for the past 4 years off and on but,this last month in a half. i really started to see gains.we all come here to T-Nation for one thing that is war with the weights.yes maybe i cant spell that good or word the best, but when it comes down to it. Im the first in the gym and the last to leave.The thing is there well be some that like my articles and some that dont.And thats fine,BUT EVERYONE REMEMBER THIS WE ALL WEIGHT LIFT THE SAME.


you know that wouldnt be a bad idea. too bad. did you like my article?


Seriously...Go take a writting course, You obviously have some passion about what you do but you come across as someone who hasnt even been through the most basic of english courses. Do yourself a favor and take care of that problem.


Very much!

Especially "the"

"The" is very assertive, sure of itself. Grrrr. Arrrg. It's the T-man of articles. Not like wishy washy "a". "A" is too vague, general, can't seem to make its mind up about anything.

But seriously - are you for real?

4 years of training and you only just started seeing results a month ago? Didn't you think to change anything after 1 year of no progress? After 2? Or 3?

Oh one other thing. First in the gym, last to leave? Is this hyperbole or are you overtraining a little?


I could I would on a boat
I would gladly, with a goat
I will even in the rain
I will eat and I will train!
In the dark! In a tree!
In a car! You let me be!
I like to do it in a box
I like to do it with a fox
I'd lift heavy in a house
I'd do feeder sets with a mouse
I snatch and clean here or there
I squat and deadlift ANYWHERE!
I'm not Sam, I'm extreme
I'm a mean, lean, muscle-building machine!



Sweet Lord I sat here at my cubicle laughing my ass off after I read this...


For the love of God, can everyone please just learn to use punctuation and capitalization?? That's all I ask.

Thank you.




Type a post in Microsoft word, hit spellcheck, then cut and paste to T-Mag.