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Build A Bigger Yoke 3x a Week?

Due to a variety of reasons (time, recovery, other sports/activities) I am better off with 3 times a week lifting. Also, because there is at least one day each week I do a 531 workout prior to a soccer game, this day must be OHP (or it affects my playing).

I am currently running 531 BABY (building a bigger yoke). It’s awesome. It calls for 4x a week, and I know about “extending the week” to adjust a template like this to being 3x a week, but I can’t do that because I need certain lifts to fall on certain days each week.

Here’s one option I am trying:

Week 1:
Monday: 531 Squat day
Wednesday: 531 Bench day
Saturday: 531 OHP day

Monday: 531 DL day
Wednesday: 531 Bench day
Saturday: 531 OHP day

(I play soccer Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I do a 5 mile run on Sunday. I take Friday as a day of rest).

So, in this scenario I’d do DL and squat every other week and their cycles would take longer. This would allow more time for recovery for sports and life in general.

The other option would be do just do trap bar DLs on that day (and take out back squats and traditional DLs completely), and keep the other days the same. If I did this, I would likely use zercher squats as the supplement after the trap bar. Something like:

Monday’s workout:
Trap bar 531 sets and reps
Zercher squats SST
100 KB swings
SLDL with DB’s
Neck/ab work

Any thoughts on what would be the better choice?

In my opinion if I’m only going to do one lower body lift it is gonna be squat with a DL or good morning as supplemental work. Squats build deads. But DL is kinda crucial to the yoke program. But on that note if I remember right the yoke program calls for cleans also?

Yes, currently my squat day is:
531 Cleans
531 Squats
SL DL’s 3x10
100 KB swings
Neck/ab work

My DL day is:
531 DL’s
Zercher (or front) squat 3x10
100 KB swings
Neck/ab work

My current option is just to rotate these so I hit each one every other week, and keep the BP and OHP every week.

I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to “combine” them and do the following every week instead:

Trap bar DL 531
Zercher Squat 3x10
SLDL with dumb bells 3x10
100 KB swings
Neck/ab work

Thanks for the feedback.

My basic point was I’d squat instead of using a trap bar and use DL of some sort as a supplemental. Honestly I’d just find a template that fit that schedule instead if sticking with the yoke template. Use the neck stuff as assistance maybe. But that’s just my 0.02¢. Also I’ve seen templates where you alternate squat and deadlift on alternate weeks. The lilliebridges use something similar if I’m not mistaken. Personally I need more frequency but it’s personal preference i suppose.

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