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Bug: THAT Guy


Hai everyone. 2012 is gonna be a sweet year. I am excite.

I'll link the past 2 logs in the next post, as well as do a quick intro for people just now tuning in that don't know me.

I think in my last post, I was feeling like absolute death. I definitely started toeing the line of what isn't safe in terms of diet extremes. I like it though. I fought and battled and even though I never EVER want to feel like that again, I can say I've been there. Ate a lil carbs yesterday evening, but stomach wasn't feel great so I cut it after some brownies (lol). After I log this, I'm gonna smash some yummy stuff with my PWO meal.

Baseline bodyweight was 204.5, today I was about ~208 PWO. Lol. Arms and delts, my fav. Copied Evan's template a bit.


Rope pressdowns / EZ cable curls warmup - continuous, TUT, squeezin'
15 / 15 --> 3 time through

Closegrip bench press - strength is definitely on the decline. That's expected after 3 weeks of starvation though. WILL BE BACK.
95 x 15
135 x 10
185 x 8
225 x 8
275 x 4
295 x 4

Alternating DB curls - nice change of pace
30s x 12
40s x 10
50s x 8
60s x 8ish

High-incline OH EZ extensions / EZ preachers
75 x 15 / bar+30 x 15
75 x 15 / bar +40 x 12
75 x 15 / bar + 50 x 12

Slightly-angled bar pressdowns / Two-armed cable hammer curls (<3)
130 x 15 / 35 x 15
140 x 15 / 45 x 12
160 (stack+10) x 12 / 60 x 12

Rev. grip pressdowns / Meadows kickbacks / Straightbar curls / OH pulldown curls - Gg-g-g-g-g-giant set!
3 times through, high reps on everything.

Full ROM lateral raises / top half ROM raises
35s x 12 / 15s x 12 -- > 4 times. DAT PUMP.

Weird rear delt raise thing I was doing. 3 sets of 15 each arm. I looked REALLY good at this point. God.

3 sets decline situps, weighted, 45 on da noggin.

Superset seated calf raises w/ bw donkey calf raises.









luk forward to updatin us with how further tight and thick you can get <3








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New bug log = best part of my day.


awesome intro post haha




I think my stomach would punch me in the nuts if I ate brownies while that depleted lol

P.S. In 4 hyoogeness


Yayyyy people love me!

Here are links to my last two logs, which start in October of 2010. If you REALLY dig to old Brotherhood of Iron threads, you can see me log stuff from '09 and earlier.

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TLDR: Started lifting before starting college summer of 2007. Tried all kinds of programs and styles of lifting. Was big and fat and gross for most of my lifting career. In recent times, that focus has shifted on the staying sexier side of things. This year will be finding a happy medium of sexy and big and strong. Stay tuned nubs.


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dude... youre strong




Ohhellyeezy page mothafukkin ONE.

(I will ignore the fact that I'm like number eleventy in this line)


Going to write this post then respond to everyone!

Today was weeeeird. During the day I went through periods where I really was energized and wanted to go lift.. then a few hours of boredom (cubicle hell anyone?) and it felt like all my energy had been sucked out of my b-hole with a vacuum..

Anyways, the thermo I'm taking, that rhymes with "flen", makes me feel a little nauseous during workouts I've decided. Or rather, it causes me to overheat big time (prob doesn't help I'm lifting in sweat pants). Kind of excited to be done with it after this Thurs. Also, I was wearing a shirt that makes me look small (lol, need to throw that mother out), and the lack of carbs and all that.. didn't have the best session. I gas really, really quickly now, so I made sure to get to work, and got this done in about 45-50min I think. Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt to workout during lunch, and I speculate I'll have more energy, AND I'll get to come home early. That's a win.

ALSO, all the sdjgkdfkjkdfgkdf'ing new years resolutioners piss me off rly bad. Add to that this gym is downtown, so it's full of gays that stare, and yuppies that are just worthless in the gym.. not a very good atmosphere for killin it, especially when low carb ragin'. /vent


Low-pulley one-armed rows
3 sets of 15, LR, increasing weight. Good squeezes for lower lats.

Pulldowns - regula'
120 x 10
170 x 10
220 x 10

Deadstop DB rows
110 x 8 LR
125 x 10 LR, 10 LR

HS High row - underhand. meh. wasn't feeling
some sets.

Low-pulled midback row/shrug
3 sets of 10

2 sets of HS shrugs

Cooldown. Just kinda felt nauseous the whole time, meh. Was 203 post workout though, lol. Lightweightttt. Diet is done Wed or Thurs, depending when I start feeling shitty. I'm pretty happy with where I am. Want carbs and decent workouts again pls.


thx to everyone for stopping by. special thanks to the newcomers (samoth, myself, i dont see much of bignate), Dixie for that BOMBSHELL (I've seen her other pics.. amazin), and Hallowed, because she's like my best friend HolyMac's internet gf.