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Bug Protein?


I was wondering whether any one would eat any product (Protein bars, powders) if it's protein was coming mostly from insects, crickets, grasshoppers, given that the taste is unrecognizable and prices are somewhat same as whey/casein



Would definitely be interested in knowing more


I've read about it and would consider it, but not unless it was cheaper than other available sources....or turned out to be better (doubtful).


I'd eat the SHIT out of some good ass BUG protein.


Apparently they're a hell a lot more sustainable than beef and definitely higher % in terms of protein along with shit tons of vitamins/minerals. I guess we'll hear them more in the next 20-30 years.


I saw a cricket protein bar in the grocery store while I was stocking up for camping snacks. I picked it up, basically to support a company that is promoting sustainable business practices (as noted above, cricket harvesting appears to be more environmentally friendly than cows).

It was honestly delicious, although I'm sure the flavor had more to do with the other ingredients. I would buy bug based protein powder if it were more widely available and the cost was reasonably in line with dairy based alternatives.


I recently bought a pot of "garlic grasshoppers" from the same company I get my meat from. They looked like little aliens, tasted strongly of garlic, and had a texture similar to popcorn. The company recommends mixing them in with your pasta or whatever but I just snacked on them.

IIRC you get 50g or protein per 100g of insect and the carbon footprint is much lower (there are lots of articles about how insects could be the best way to feed a growing human population) however, they remain pretty expensive by weight so I won't be giving up on red meat just yet.


Seriously, if you've never tried this then you're missing out big time. No, seriously. =)