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Bug Out Bag 'Special' Items


I love this thread. In my country you aren’t allowed to own a rifle without having a hunting license that you actively use so I’d have to look into that to make anything complete. However, in the interim, any worthwhile books to read on the subject? Read Neil Strauss’s Emergency in my youth but that is all.


Some useful items:

Gorilla Duct Tape

550 cord

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Fat Rope Stick tinder

Bic lighter with Exotac Firesleeve

UCO Stormproof matches in Exotac MatchCAP XL case

Gerber Gator Drop Point folding knife

Gerber Center Drive Multi-Tool

Suunto baseplate compass

Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp

GORUCK Dog Leash

SOL Escape Bivvy

SOL Emergency Blanket

Black Diamond Cold Weather Gloves


Pocket Hand Warmers


Nice set, seem’s like I can get a hold of a lot of it.

What about a whistle, is that useful?

I live very far up north so might have to add in some extra items to deal with the snow. Depends on which disaster scenario I prep for though I guess.



I live in the north where snow can fall for over half of the year. Diverse options for fire is one thing to think about so we don’t freeze to death. In my bag I’ve got the following (some already mentioned).

Bic lighter
Swedish fire stick
char-cloth and small tin for producing more
Cotton balls rubbed in vaseline
Small tube of more vaseline (multiple uses)
Another brand of fire-starter balls
Stormproof matches with case
Regular matchbooks
Probably one or two other methods I’m forgetting about.

My 2nd heaviest item that’s part of my go bag is my small forest axe (pictured WAY above). If there’s one thing we’ve got plenty of where I live, it is wood. Quick side note - if you’ve got birch in your area the bark makes excellent fire starter too.

Mylar blankets can also be used to trap heat inside a make-shift shelter.

Don’t freeze to death!


Plenty of that around here, literally live in the city of Birches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yixoq_0u8fQ