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Bug: Luvin U

Couldn’t think of a new name for the log. I’ll link all the old shit in the next post a little later. I’m exhausted from a killer back day.

Neutral grip pullups - great starting movement
bw x 15, 15
+40lbs x 10, then a set of 7 with a hard squeeze.

(slightly narrow grip, flawless form, TUT focus)
100 x 12
125 x 12
150 x 12
175 x 12
(took grip out, more normal tempo. Forearms already fried, front delt and tri longhead are toast from yesterday, loll).
200 x 10, 10

DB rows with a long squeeze and good stretch, no rest
50lbs x 10, 10, 10 (LR)

Rack pulls - not gonna lie, warmups didn’t feel the best, lower back not as strong as it was last week. Thought of Evan on top set and killed it.
135 x 8
225 x 5
315 x 3
405 x 3
495 x 2
545 x 4 - woot. +20 or 30lbs from last week, same amt. of reps. Last rep was pretty ugly, but o well.

Barbell rows off floor like dusty hanshaw (<3 Evan) - too much for my lower back to handle. Fresh these would be better, but I will prob change the order of things next time
135 x 12
225 x 8
245 x 8

100 x 15
125 x 12, 12

Low-cable rope row thingies finisher.

Lat stretch.

Didn’t really get that into biceps today, I think I was beat.

Seated DB curls but using some tip CT said with raising the arm as you’re lowering the weight. I couldn’t get it to quite feel right.
15s x 12ish
25s x 10ish
35s x 10ish - wasn’t really counting

DB preachers - 1-2sec hold, 2-3 sec negative. these felt good.
20 x 12 LR
30 x 10 LR
35 x 8 LR

Cybex seated machine curls
worked up to a top set of 35/side x 10 drop 25/side x 10 drop 15/side x 10.


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oh damn ya

here 4 moar butt secks <3

Awesome, will be following. I like your style of training- relatively high volume but still hitting PRs left right and centre. I feel it works best on back day, and quad day too :slight_smile:

Here for the beastliness, the leanness, and the lulz!

Yay! New log!

Awesome looking back day…luvin ur rack deads.


[quote]pbclax1 wrote:


I think you are dead on.

I am awesome.

omg this log is going to be so exciting!!

that is a nice back session there bug!

great work dude.

I was thinking it was this. No homo?

Adam - appreciate it! I definitely used to be a lower volume guy, but with all this talk about work capacity and density floating around T-Nation, i figured doing more work couldn’t hurt.

Triple - i got through 11 seconds. :frowning:

Damn Bug, have you thought of doing more volume for more sexy muscle building? Damn

I’ll be following, what are your goals now?

So Bug, have you started the Mountain Dog Diet yet?? If you have, noticing any physique changes in the short time youu’ve switched, like other have?? This whole diet fascinates me, because it’s not necceasiry about macro’s or food quantity, but more food QUALITY, correct??

Looking huge in the new avi man, arms look beastly. I literally muttered “holy shit” under my breath when I saw it. Oh, all up in this new log.

[quote]Blaze_108 wrote:
Looking huge in the new avi man, arms look beastly. I literally muttered “holy shit” under my breath when I saw it and then I touched myself [/quote]


lol <3

Fucking LOL @ some of you mf’ers.

inky - plz don’t make fun of me! I know it takes a lot for you to step outside of the PL’ing logs to come hang out with a vain “bodybuilder” like myself. I really appreciate it. volume training for back is fun! I dunno how you train yours, but with all the different components, it seems to be able to handle a lot of damage.

elmore - hey man, thanks for dropping by. In a nutshell, current short-term goal is to do my best to maintain any semblance of leanness I achieved during my recent diet while increasing my strength. I’m kind of surprised at how slowly my strength has been coming back, but little by little it is. At some point this fall I will transition back to a muscle building phase and see what kind of damage I can do. Biggest thing for me though is to NEVER again push bodyfat so high that I’m uncomfortable with the way I look. I really don’t hold fat very well, and look back at pictures, I was really yucky from late 2009 to early 2011. NEVER AGAIN. ok that was a rant. <3

Spidey - Mountain Dog Diet (MDD from now on) is the SHIT. I 100% have. maybe 3 days in I noticed I was getting a bit tighter, holding less water, and dropping a little scale weight each day while eating MORE EACH DAY. fucking weird. I’m still making the transition, but current staples include Virgin Coconut Oil (seriously I think this is like a liquid fat burner on steroids… the science behind MCTs is really interesting… put this in shakes, on salads, on bread, etc), Ezekiel bread (the best thing ever), grass-fed beef, pasture butter, etc. It’s weird getting to eat so much and not getting bloated… then waking up lighter the next day. My 6 day vacation this past week kind of set me back a bit but my previous condition is coming back very quickly. I look forward to eating this way for several consecutive weeks/months and seeing the changes.

Blaze - hahaha, thanks man. arms are still the same size sadly, but apparently if you’re decently close to the camera they magically look HYOOOOOJ. One day we will have impressive arms!

greg- luv