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Bug: Killin It


This is mostly a place for me to be able to monitor my training as I'm not currently posting it up anywhere. If anyone comes to find it useful or interesting, wonderful!

I basically started training after I graduated high school in May 2007, and have gotten more and more into this ever since. Was in Japan for 5+ months during 2010 so I lost a lot of weight and am currently gaining back old strength and size (although I'm now right about where I was before I left). Currently gaining for hopefully a few more months before I diet off some of this flub.

Some recent big lifts I've hit:

315 x 3+1 incline barbell
135's x 6+1 incline DB's
315 x 10 barbell rows (just now getting back into these)
425 x 7 back squats
365 x 4 front squats
100's x 10 DB shoulder press
Nothing else people probably care about.

Currently training on a 4 day rotational split, and take off days as my schedule demands/how I feel. Pretty simple.

I'm a smidge above 6'0" (I tell girls I'm 6'1'" :wink: ), and currently weighing between 233-235 I believe, though my scale blows. I'm somewhere between 17-20% bodyfat I'm guessing. Goals are overall strength and size gain, with a particular focus on my arms (hence why they get hit twice in a cycle), and legs (which I absolutely murder).

Expect to see some big strength and size gains coming soon!





And for lolz, this was me about a month after starting college 3 years ago. I had already hit like 175lbs too! So big!


Hahaha ok, bed time. Legs tomorrow. Going for 455 squats. shiiiiit.


Leg workout was pretty sexy, though not as sexy as last week's. By the time I got to squats, there was some tightness in my right quad that made even 135 a bit uncomfortable to squat. And, had to use the shitty as cages bc the powerlifters were using the good ones. Gay. Still managed.

Standing calves
4 sets x 12

Seated calves
3 sets x 15ish (last one 4 plates/3 plates/2 plates dropset)

Seated leg curls
4 ascending sets of 15, last one a drop (from 110)

135x15 x2
185x15 x2

Standing leg curl
50lbs x 12/leg x2

Leg press (feet high and wide, toes pointed out)
5pps x 15
7pps x 10
9pps x 8
11pps x 14

Leg extensions
90lbs x 20 x3

455x3 (meh, wanted 5, but today wasn't the day).

Finished with walking lunged. 2 sets of 25 steps with 40lbs in each hand.

My training partner heard this short guy who has a decent build talking shit during my squat set:

Guy: " laughs , I can squat 455 for easy reps without the grunting!"
Azn Guy: "Really?"
Guy: "Ya no bullshit bro! this guy's way too loud."

(they were literally standing 4 feet away from me. mooks.)


Really good progress and a great transformation


I wish I could've done that during the last 3 years.




Ok well if people are gonna read, I guess I have to update.

Last week was nothing super special training wise. My clavicle has been sore (bruised I think) from lifting with DOHcrazy and HolyMac from when they came and visited, so chest/delt pressing has been weak. i.e. last night I hit 275x7 without a spot instead of 315x4 which was my previous best. Leg training has been good though, hit a 455x6 squat at the end of my leg session, that was intense. And a 325x4 closegrip bench. And 110's x 8 on seated DB military.

Ok that's all I got for now. Tomorrow i'm hittin back. yay?


Big Brother is watching you.

That is to say, I shall follow along and bother you whenever you're putting up less than 4 plates per side on any lift.

Yes, even curls. Why are you not curling 405 yet? No wonder your arms are so small.

Don't worry, I'll never stop encouraging you :slight_smile:


Very cool man. You are always welcome to post in the orig BOI. You kind of said you would keep up there and then bailed.......we got a good group now. But I will definitely follow along as you are dominating me on pressing as usual and still fighting with me on squats.


Haha, thanks CC. :slight_smile: More focus is on mind-muscle connection on arm stuff now but I will be up to 405 bb curls in no time!

ajweins, which is the "original" BOI? The one here has a new group going that I'm not really a part of, so I let them bond and grow together, with Hungry as their "leader" of sorts. Or do you mean the one on IM? Most of the guys from the "original" migrated over to a private FB group (I know you can't get facebook, blah blah).


shit ajweins I just saw your post in that other thread. I can't find you on FB homie. Search for me (I'm Alex Dale in the Texas network).


I've decided to come out of my posting hibernation to say that I <3 Bug and am so excited to follow this log!


I've decided to come out of my posting hibernation to say that I <3 Bug and am so excited to follow this log!


Hit some back today. No training partner and I didnt have much food in my system but I went with it.

Good warmup and stretch

Widish grip pullups
bw x 14, 12, 8

Pulldowns (wide grip, underhand, then v-grip)
150 x 15
200 x 12
225 x 10

Cable rows

12 x 15

20 (stack) x 10

T-Bar rows
3 plates x 12
4 plates x 12
5p 25 x 10

Rack pulls (mid shin. fucking tough place to pull from)
225 x 8
315 x 6
405 x 3
495 x 5 (shitttt lower back pump plz go away)

Straight arm rope pulldowns as a finisher

Skipped shrugs, did some rear delts (face pulls).

Barbell curls (low rest)
65lbs x 18
75lbs x 18
85lbs x 15
85lbs x 14 (omg pump)
65lbs x 14

One-armed DB curls
30lbs x 12, 12

Reverse bb curls
30lbs x 20
60lbs x 15



Hopefully you can add me. I have been curious to the improvements you guys are making and I wouldn't mind getting back into that BOI group if you guys would have me.


Yeah, we just had a pow-wow and you're good to go. Just a matter of getting the admin to sending you the invite. I'll FB message you the details.


Tough leg session, but I couldn't quite bring what I wanted on squats at the end.

Standing calves
4 sets x 12

Seated calves
3 sets x 15ish (last one 4 plates/3 plates/2 plates dropset)

Seated leg curls
4 ascending sets of 15

135x15 x2

Leg press (feet high and wide, toes pointed out)
5pps x 15
7pps x 10
10pps x 12 (deeeep, with a pause)

475x2 (videoed. first rep was high, second was good. should be able to get 3 good ones to depth next time i try.)

Finished with walking lunges. 2 sets of 30 steps with 45lbs in each hand.

Training partner and I killed some Chipotle afterwards.

Bodyweight is finally creeping up again (into the upper 230's.. finally saw 240 on the scale for first time ever tonight!)



That's a strong squat man. Where in Texas are you?


Yes!!! Chipotle!
You should really give my post workout gummi worms a try, most anabolic thing going.


Kick ass training dude. I will be following.