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Are there any other Buffy fans out there?

I’m just wondering, are we going to have to relive Tara’s death every episode? Damn, my eyes well up every time the ‘reminder’ scene happens.

Man, I’ve been watching Buffy since Season 1, the very first episode. It contains the brilliance that is Joss Whedon - best writing, some of the best acting (witness; The Body), and some of the best episodes on TV (Hush, Tabula Rasa, Life Serial, Once More with Feeling, etc.).

As for "reliving Tara's death" - I don't think we have to for very much longer. I agree, very emotional. I liked Tara. But what made my eyes well up was the very last episode, Willow's return - at the end when her and Buffy are sitting on the bed, holding hands - two good friends, again.

This season, I'm digging the whold Spike/ William arch. I just think James Marsden is one of the best actors around and has consistently made Spike the most interesting character on TV.

Oh, BUGGER. I just replied that I’m a huge Buffy/Angel fanatic on the Alias/24 thread, and now I see this. Well I just feel foolish. But, yes I’m a Buffy-Nerd, been watching since episode one.

One thing I'd like to see is a few episodes with Seth Green. I think he's a great actor, and his character had some of the all time best lines. Also, this season Spike is very interesting, as Patricia said.

Sorry for the double threading!

I don’t know if I like the concept of Spike being redeemable. It kinda goes against the premise of the show. I mean, they go around killing vampires without a second thought and not a moments guilt … but

… it turns out that they can be redeemed. Bammo. Just like that, the Scooby gang has become a chronic cult of mass murderers. If they’d taken the time to capture and rehabilitate the vampires, they wouldn’t need to kill them. It’s like shooting violent dogs when all they need is some TLC. Now, I admit that ‘the Initiative’ is exceptional - but if it’s possible to rehabilitate these creatures, then what the Scooby gang is doing is morally repugnant.

Therefore, I think it would be best if in the end, Spike is not able to be redeemed (just like Harmony couldn’t be).

My favorite episode - BY FAR - has been the one where Buffy zooms between the mental hospital and the gang. Wow. For anyone who loved the original Silent Hill video game, this was an awesome premise.

Could someone do me a favor? I missed the season opener for Angel (no spoilers! please!). Could someone record it onto Kazaa so I could watch it? Pretty please?

I missed the last eps from last season of Buffy, so I don’t know how Spike exactly got his soul back, but it IS a little rediculous that the Scoobies have hung out with not one but TWO freak-of-nature vampires with souls. Does anyone ELSE remember when Spike was a bad-ass who had the greatest lines on the show (save for Seth Green :slight_smile: ) and beat both Buffy and Angel senseless? Ah, those were the days… But I digress.

With the switchover to UPN, Buffy may have ‘jumped the shark’ (read: lost it’s respective marbles). Killing Buffy - really killing her and having to ressurect her - was the most bogus move Joss has ever made, and I may be a sucker, but I’m hopeful for the Buffy/Angel love story. The entire Spike and Buffy romance was terrible - and a little graphic! Can they show that sort of thing on TV at 8 pm? Geez… I’m hoping Buffy will crawl back up to where it’s been for so long this season… as one of the best shows on television. I’ve also missed this past episode, so if someone could tell me what happened (I’m guessing part of it was the Tara reminder thing), I’d appreciate it. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

The whole purpose of the last season of Buffy was: Buffy and the Scoobs Grow Up and Deal with Adult Issues.

Joss (and Marti Noxon) has said the "Big Bad" would be themselves. Not as "sexy" as Demons or Vamps, yes - but it's something that Joss wanted to explore. And while it was not a exciting season overall, but a season dappled with spots of brilliance, it was all effectively tied together by the two-part season finale. What we have to remember is that Buffy ain't your typical "vampire slayer, drama,horror, comedy" hour. And Joss proved that last year. He wanted to take the characters to different places (in their psyche) and deal with everyday issues as looking for a job, dealing with adulthood, etc.

And while there were times I would roll my eyes and say "gawd they're doing it again" (reference to Spike and Buffy), I see the reason as to why it all happened. Spike was the only person able to make her "feel alive". And you have to admit, James Marsden and SMG have some real "chemistry". Even when they were hated enemies to each other. But also, remember William the Bloody? Spike's whimpy human alter ego? Looks like William is coming back........Anyways, while Spike was "kewl" as a badas vamp, I like where the character is going now. And remember the Prophecy? About a vampire with a soul? At one time, you would think that Angel was the primary vamp - not anymore. Things are certainly going to now get interesting.

El: I have the season premiere of Angel taped still. How can I get it to you? It was pretty good - but last night's ep was great too! LOVE the "dark" Wes! And I know what you mean about Spike. However, Angel has in a sense, been redeemed. And Angelus was, in some ways, far worse than Spike. You could say that in the Buffyverse, the redemption keeps going around and around.....Oh, and y'all know that Faith will be back on Buffy this season (for four eps)? Yahoo!

As of yesterday, I’m one Buffy episode ahead of you guys - I’m in Canada. It was probably one of the more boring ones.I don’t see the new Angel 'till Thursday - so knowing that you’ve seen two more than me is … grrr … frustrating. Remember, the last I’ve seen of Angel was him being locked in a casket by Connor.

I tried downloading the episode from Kazaa (it’s kinda like Napster, but you can swap videos too) but all I got was the sound. I’m hoping (hoping!) that someone will record it onto their computer and put it available on Kazaa (there mights be two 'z’s - ie. Kazzaa).

Vixie: I don’t want to ruin the episode you missed, since you’ll see it some day. Willow comes back, full of guilt (plus a reminder of Tara - sigh). There’s a demon doing nasty (and extremely visceral) badness, and we don’t know what causing the trouble right away. Maybe go to Buffy.com for a synopsis?

clearly I don’t know how to <\i> close italics!

Nevermind with recording it. I’ve found a copy of the episode online. I just hope it works!

Hey, El - let me know how that goes.

Embarrassed to admit it, but I like the show. Try explaining to you 20-something guy friends that Buffy is the most creative show on television. I challenge another show to do a musical episode (not since Simpsons “Monorail” written by Conan O’Brien) or to do an hour long episode where none of the main characters say a word!!! This is incomparable.

Patricia: it worked out with the download. I’m going to watch the first episode right now. Thursday evening I get the second episode on TV. Thanks for your concern.

I am a huge Buffy fan and have never missed an episode since season 2, and am buying the DVD’s as they come out. I have also never missed an “Angel” episode, nor a “Firefly” episode come to think of it. I guess I just like to live in the Joss Whedon universe.

I think last season was actually my favourite overall, I absolutely loved the nerdy plotting and scheming and squabbling. The Death Star airbrushing scene still makes me laugh.

And hey, I’m a male in my early 30’s and I have no problem admitting to my Buffy addiction. I know plenty of other guys in the same demographic who watch it BECAUSE IT IS A QUALITY SHOW. Episodes like “Hush” or the one where Joyce dies are pretty incomparable. Kudos to Joss.

Angel Spoilers

I just saw the episode with Gwen the cat-burglar. Nevermind that she’s a mutant, and more suited for the X-men. Wow. This poor girl has finally found someone that she can touch, and would actually like being touched by her. And Angel. Imagine finding someone who made you feel ‘alive’ without triggering the curse. Yowza. I’m hoping she doesn’t fall in with some evil vamps that use her as a sex kitten - she’s too tragic for that.

And Lyla’s line “Okay Angel, just remember that I’m still evil” heh.