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Buffets: Fast Food or Gold Mine?

So what is it? Fast food of cornucopia of assorted vegetables, fruits, and chicken?

I find only two restaurants in the Baton Rouge area offer quick food where I can get my vegetables and fruits as well as protein: Picadilly cafeteria and Bamboo Garden.

You’ve probably been to Bamboo Garden before, although it was probably named China Star or Red Dragon or Buddha China Star Happy Prosperity Center or some other variation.

I went their the other day and thought, Whoa, Look at the veggies! Brocolli, fresh green beans, cabbage, all that good stuff, and a whole fruit bar!

How bad can this stuff really be for you? I know a lot of the meat is fried in a Wok, but I would think that is just the stuff with the crust, like the sweet and sour chicken or the really goopy stuff. I bet with some picking and choosing you can get a really nutritious meal.

Please hurry with responses. I go on lunch soon.

I’d hit it hard and often.

[quote]Wreckless wrote:
I’d hit it hard and often.[/quote]

What he said

For bulking, go ahead and tear it up brother. For cutting, I would show a little restraint.

It depends on the buffet most Chinese Buffets are pretty much JUNK but damn good. Depnds on goals and what they have to offer.


The problem with buffets is just purely the amount of food, regardless if you are cutting or bulking. Who needs 5000 calories in one meal? You think it’s not possible? 2-3 plates (normal amounts) of chinese food (or any food really) would be well over that. It’s fine to go in if you’re going to fill up on veggies and some meat, but 300g of protein in one shot is not necessary and will just lead to fat gains.

Now of course you don’t need to eat 2-3 plates of food. But as with anything, if you eat fast enough it takes that long for you to get the “full signal”. I always say with buffets I wait a minimum of 10 minutes in-between trips to the buffet from the time I finish my plate.

Now if you could pay once at a buffet and come in every three hours and have a smaller normal sized meal- that would be sweet.

Id go with what eengrms76 said, though Id add its cost effectiveness.

Id rather pay $5 for some chicken in garlic sauce with mixed vegitables and brown rice then $12 for eating the same thing practically, and at the same amount. I love chinese food too. When I lived in florida, it was the Golden Corral that killed me each and every time I went in. Nothing too healthy on their menu either. Im just saying this so were clear that there is a lesser of the two evils.