Buffet Experiance

Sunday June 10 was a stormy night in the city of London, Ontario. I was sitting on my couch by candle light (as the power had gone out due to a storm) mixing a little bit of water into my shaker in order to gulp down the last bit of flax seed left over from my pre bedtime casein shake. As this was going on I looked around the dimmly lit room and thought back to the previous days events in pure joy. First let me set the stage. For approximately 4-6 weeks, JMB, a certain significant girl who from now on will be called Ms.Xray, the Bodyguard, and myself indulged in some pretty heavy duty dieting. This consisted of a pretty good reduction in calories and certain macronutrients(almost no carbs, maybe 20-40g in my diet), a resistance training program which varied for all, and some aerobic training.
Well, in addition to the completion of collecting research for a partcular study (which will most likely be talked about later in another post) all decidedly finished their diets on Friday June 8. What followed was a day of glutteny.

Friday night was one filled full of excitement and anticipation for the three combatents involved in the next mornings activities. JMB confessed that he could only sleep three hours
(1-4am) before awaking like a kid on Christmas morning as he was so looking forward to the feast to come. Ms. Xray who achieved great results in her dieting weeks also reported anxiousness during sleep becasue of the mornings events. I too had an uneasy sleep, one filled full of thoughts ranging from waffles to icecream, and in some occasions, a combination of both.

7:40am Sat. morning hit and the three of us were off to the Golden Griddle for an all out attack on their breakfast buffet. Now before going to far I must point out the rarity of this occasion. All of us had been dieting for atleast 4-6 weeks with the only break coming in the form of sugarless gum, crystal light and sugar free jello. So the meals/feasts to follow were going to do somewhat little harm to our physiques in the long run. Another point to be made is that the Bodyguard was unable to make the festivities due too some prior engagements. His presence was missed by all. Ok, back to the buffet. I will now point out the different tactics used by the three combatents when attacking the buffet. The occasional era may be present due to my lack of concentratrion on literally anything other than my food and fork. Firstly, JMB and the Ms. Xray took some ‘damage control’ supplements before attacking the buffet. I may stand to be corrected by I think they were some T-2, MD-6, that sort of stuff. I decided to go old school and stay away from the damage control stuff. Just hit me with the food baby.

What was to follow was the food. All three of us hit the buffet counter at the same time. I hit the pancakes, french toast, sausage and bacon first. And the maple syrup, must not forget that syrup. JMB decided for the cereal, waffles, french toast, bacon, sausage, croissants and peanut butter. Ms. Xray went after the hash browns, french toast, waffles, bacon and muffins. We all sat down and enjoyed what had been weeks of sacrifice. However, our strategies differed from this point on. I continued to hit the pancakes, french toast, waffles and bacon at an alarming rate. Wanting to get as much food in as quickly as possible. JMB and the Ms. Xray went slower and enjoyed their food in a much more methotical manner, paceing themselves, not wanting to hit a wall as abruptly as I soon did. Water was the beverage of choice by all three and Ms.Xray also opted for some coffee with cream (a personal favourite of hers). Each additional plate for all differed slightly until most if not all items in the buffet were tested. One thing we learned was to keep a close eye on the kitchen door and buffet table to watch for fresh waffles, pancakes and french toast to be brought out. This doubles the enjoyability of the buffet experiance. The numbers of total plates consumed for all has slipped back into the bowels of my mind, however I think I managed somewhere around six, with an additional pudding cup and fruit cup at the end. No doubt JMB was right up their if not surpassing that mark, and MS.X-Tech was a little lower, but still did herself very proud. Certainly at one point in time we all felt a little quizy. I went as far as having to escape the table in search of the rest rooms where I took the projectile vomiting stance only to her the sound of a false alarm. The others were not feeling the effects of the feast quite as bad, but far from feeling fine. Finally we left the restaraunt with a feeling that was very new to us all, fullness! One more buffet meal followed that evening and it's details will be told at a later date. To all other T-men out there, please share your stories of cheat day feasts/binges etc.

Coos Bay…thank you, my man, thank you very much:-) That’s the kinda post that I like to read every so often. I plan on posting an experience or two of my own from two summers ago when I was Body-for-Lifin’ it, but for now just wanted to say thanks for sharing that with you. That was actually rather motivational for someone who has not strayed from the PLAN for quite some time–really not since those BFL days. It’s amazing to me how diligent you all were throughout the diet…it’s wierd though, because I thought that most of us were as dedicated as you four and myself–I too consider the sugarfree gum, Crystal Light and sugar free jello delicacies. I would be interested in hearing others’ stories and also how often some peeps indulge…maybe the frequent, inconsistent eating patterns of most will become evident and so will the story be told of their inability to achieve Massive Leanness.

Timbo you’re right on with that last comment.
Until just the past couple weeks reading JMB’s
posts about his diet and strictness, I thought
I was pretty strict. yeah, right.
NOW I have a much clearer insight as to what
strictness really is.
Coos Bay: great story. Makes me recall those
carb up Saturday’s whilst on a CKD!
I can relate to the last of sleep due to the
anticipation of FOOD!
A video of the buffet would have been priceless.

Timbo,dp, Glad you boys enjoyed the post. Being so strict for such a period of time really allowed me to enjoy the pleasures of food once again. For myself, the previous weeks of dieting were goal oriented towards cutting bodyfat, barnone. So the day of glutteny was awesome. During a normal diet or eating pattern I tend to have a cheat meal every two weeks or so. Not a whole day of cheating, just a meal. The meal usually involves pizza and ice cream. With keeping the cheating within one meal the damage done is usually minimal. I find the cheat meal gives me a goal to shoot for during the rest of the week (weeks). But the mirror becomes the ultimate judge in when a cheat meal should come. The video is a great idea, though most Pizza Huts and other buffet places usually get a little weary when we head towards their front door, and I don’t know what they would think if we carried a camera with us. Besides, the camera lens would no doubt become covered in a combo of supreme pizza and cookies and doe ice cream.

Greetings Coos Bay! Great story! Made me ravenously hungry just reading it. By the way, are you from the same Coos Bay as Steve Prefontaine?

Coos Bay: nice epic foodalogue. Having read your account, and John B’s private retelling to me, it makes me nostalgic for the old days. My most epic eating while involved in bodybuilding tale needs a bit of set up. In the middle to late '70s I was an avid reader of the original Iron Man magazine, and Bradley J. Steiner was a leading nutritional guru at the time (real old school). But, he was the first person I ever read talking about ketosis and high protein diets and such, and I became interested, both from an experimental status, and to lose some unwanted beer and pizza weight. I bought a book from him called something like “Eating for Bodybuilding” or some such; wish I still owned it for nostalgia’s sake. In this tome Steiner talked about an all meat diet used in conjunction with basic weight workouts to really scale off some fat, maintain lean body mass and such.

So off I went to the store and loaded up on ground beef and eggs; that’s all. I lived with another weight training buddy of mine and we had a pretty good gym in his garage, but he was amazed at what I carried in from the car. Keep in mind that if Steiner talked about fat consumption in his book I glossed over it, 'cause all I ate was protein. Gee, he neglected to mention (or again I ignored) any caution about needing fiber (see where this may be headed?).

So for several weeks I ate nothing but ground hamburger meat, and scrambled eggs. I mean nothing else. At the time I was going to school part time and working in a restaurant at night, so it was easy to stick to my self-imposed diet, and I did so. Man, weight was flying off me after the first week, and I basically ate as much as I wanted (though only four meals per day, these were ignorant times) and my workouts didn’t seem to suffer. After several weeks of this, and I wish I remembered just how many weeks it was, I had lost substantial weight, like 40 pounds. Down from 225 to a very slim (for me) 185. Felt great, but was having some on again off again problems moving all this protein through my system.

To celebrate, my gym buddies and I drove 40 miles to a legendary chicken buffet in Frankenmuth, Michigan, to see how much we could consume in one sitting. It was a great experience, trying as I was portions of every food imaginable, including many desserts. Heck, I even ate some vegetables, I think! I lost count of chicken breasts and drumsticks after two dozen, but it was an ugly sight.
The funny thing was, I didn’t eat to where I hurt, just to a slightly uncomfortable place. However, soon after the drive home commenced, I became so uncomfortable I could barely breathe, much less sit upright, and made the balance of the drive lying prone in the back of a Chevy Suburban, in agony. It was a long and very ugly, smelly evening in our house, and needless to say, no workouts took place the following day.

here are the contents of my recent cheat/binge sunday: big mac value meal (with a fat as hell coke!) medium pepperoni pizza, pint of ben and jerry’s cherry garcia, and a two liter of mountain dew throughout the day! Through in a couple of snickers bars for good measure, and there you have it: after each of those meals I got a huge insulin rush, full sweats and tremors. Reminds me to appreicate a healthy diet!

After 6 weeks strict as hell fat fast diet. I mean I would not even eat altoids as they had 2gr carbs per 3 pieces. I lost hell of a lot of weight. To much muscle in my opinion however it was a success I lost a lot of weight. I then binged like I never binged before. Since the extreme fat fast had shrank my stomache I grossly over estimated the amount I could consume. I ate 3 plates of chinese buffet plus a pint of ben and jerry’s chubby bastard (hubby) plus 6 beers plus 2 Jim Beam plus a bag of sweet tarts plus a value meal at taco bell. I was hella sick for hours after this bing but the insulin coma that ensued was well worth it. The changes in my body from the diet from hell really helped with metabolizing much of that crap. I felt fine by the next day and was back on track. It did make me feel like shit afterwards though. I am always suprised at the gluttony I am capable of. I am just about to start another diet again. This time I will be going massive eating w/low cal approach as after the fat fast diet I will never EVER EVER DO A KETO DIET AGAIN. Found out the hard way they are not for me.

I couldn’t pass up an oatmeal raisen cookie today. It was so sweet and delicious, heavy on the sugar, light on the oatmeal and warm and soft, fresh from the oven.

My binge occurred last Friday, but it wasn’t the kind of binge y’all have been talking about. I threw a party at my house Friday night, but decided weeks ago that Friday would be my party day. At 6:27 AM (a personal record), on the way to work, I smoked my first dubbie of the day by myself, followed up by some Androsol. By 10:00 it was time to smoke again with the guys. I was home by 2:00 and, with nothing else to look forward to for the day… you guessed it… smoking time! After buying food for the party and a protein bar for myself, being that 5:00 was fast approaching, it was time to burn. My first guest arrived around 6:30 and so we toked, and I hit Androsol for the second round. By 7:00, people were showing up, so I made some punch (my version of a keg) with fruit punch, diet ginger ale and some Captain’s (aka: rum). Drinking punch was just about my only cheat of the day, as I pretty much followed my T-dawg derived diet with massive eating pricipals to a T. After 8:00, the amount of punch, beef, chicken and reefer consumed my myself has been burned clean from my mind. All I know is that everyone had a good time that night. The party was a success and I am still down 5 pounds from when I started the diet two weeks and one day ago. I think my brain is officially back in working order and my T-levels have returned, due in some part, I’m sure, to Androsol. Thank you.

I just saw this thread and wow thats alot of food.
But what caught my eye was when you said the Golden Griddle in London.
Is that the one beside White Oaks Mall?
I am asking cause thats where I go eat when I am in London on business, that plus Kenny Rogers(love that chicken hope it’s still open)

I was actually born in London I have tons of family there(raised in Montreal, Now in the Toronto Gta)

Small world this internet is.