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Buffet Donation to Gates Foundation


Warren Buffet announced he will give about $40Billion dollars to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation which was set up to give away the Gates fortune.

Incredible gift to society.....just incredible.



Man of the Year!



Well, I just put my .87 cents in change in the tip jar at the pet store!

Fucking Buffet always trying to show me up...


Fantastic story - stand-up guys.


He does that to you too? Glad to see I'm not the only one.


911 guilt? Buffet supposedly threw a party for all his fabulously wealthy tower chums who would otherwise have been in the WTC on that fated day (saving his own hide as well).

If that's not far enough beyond coincidence, the party was held at the same Nebraskan Air Force base (huh?) that Dubya fled to after reading "My Pet Goat"!



I heard that the Gates foundation is directed towards global health and hunger issues, not America's.

Still an incredible gift for sure, but I'd rather have it help our own hungry and unhealthy first. I guess I just lack global empathy.


The Gates Foundation has pumped a lot of money into the school were I teach, allowing us to expand triple in size.


No, I do think you're right. Ghandi and others say to help those close to you, but of a differing (read: iyopinion bad) philosophy/station. In Gates and Buffet's position, it would actually be the American poor. I don't know why they get so often neglected. Perhaps the rich think "USA #1", despite all evidence to the contrary (i.e. destitute on this soil).


He donates a lot in the US as well. A lot of education and inner city type projects.

The man wants maximum impact for his money so he generally skips the middleman and goes diect to the recipient of the aid.

I can only imagine that with Buffet joining the board the money they have will continue to grow substantially, challenging Gates even further to give it away and do the most good.

It's a great act of generosity by both men.