Buffered Creatine

Has anyone ever heard about buffered creatine? Kre-Alkalyn Buffered Creatine Monohydrate claims to be 10 times as effective as normal.

Yes. This is a legit breakthrough for creatine. It was discovered somewhat by accident. Essentialy, it allows you to use far less creatine and the absorption is terrific due to its ability to line up perfectly (PH wise) in the stomach. Creatine has been dressed up many times since its debut in '93 (liquid, effervescent etc.) but this particular product will indeed be a real deal improvement. Especially effective for those who don’t tolerate large doses of creatine well…

The Mass version will be the best…

he dude ph 14, your stomach is ph-4.what happen to this creatine i ll will be return to ph 4.tell me how it can stay post duodenum at ph 14, at least a alien maybe.goodluck

Claude, I don’t know if I understand your question. I will say that just because it goes in at a certain PH doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. As to the specific biochemistry, I can’t explain it. I doubt the inventor would like to share it either. I would hazard to guess however, you’ll be hearing a lot more about it.

Every time I turn around-“BANG”-some "New&Improved"creatine is coming out. GET OVER IT !!! creatine does not work!!! Sure your muscle cells will get pumped up with water and you will look slightly bigger(drowned rat effect)and after spending hundreds if not thousands on this ‘STUFF’ you go off —ITS ALL GONE BABY-CREATINE IS “OLD” NEWS–move on or struggle with mediocor results

May be “old news”,but it works for most. That is fact.

this sounds like creatine titartate,which is ph balanced so its easier on the stomach.