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Buffalo vs Beef

Nutritional values appear to be nearly the same…

anyone know what’s healthier?


I don’t know the nutritional differences right off the top of my head, but I know that buffalo is DELICIOUS.

I once had a nice buffalo filet at a fancy restaraunt and it was the best meal I’ve ever eaten.

I concur on the tastiness… nearly as good as Reindeer. I was just wondering if anyone had any knowledge on the ammt of creatine, and other nutritional goodies when compared with grassfed beef.

I’m eating some as I type… Bison that is.


I’d rather eat some grass-fed beef, and get some good fats (saturated and omega-3) along with the protein. But then I’m bulking.

Maybe when cutting, I’ll switch to the leaner bison. A few little changes like that can make just enough difference to total caloric intake.

heres another good comparison link


note: 40% more protein than beef

excellent info, thanks guys.

I just made chili with buffalo meat for the Superbowl…aside from tasting GREAT the Omega 3 profile is excellant.


Along with buffalo, I hear the venison, elk, moose, and salmon are also great choices, but what about bull meat?