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buffalo meat cuts

Recently found a local Bison farm (all grass fed) with great prices. I’ve avoided red meat for the most part due to saturated fat content, so I’m kinda ignorant on what cuts to buy or avoid. Is any cut okay since buffalo is so lean, or should I stick with particular cuts?

Some of my choices are:

Round $7/pound
Sirloin $9/pound
NY Strip $10/pound
Ribeye $11/pound
Filet/Tenderloin $14/pound

Chuck $6/pound
Shoulder $6/pound
Round $7/pound
Rump $8/pound
Sirloin Tip $10/pound

Ground patties $5/pound
Chopped steak $6/pound
Brats/Ital saus $5.75/pound


buy whatever you can afford, but just remember that lean meats such as buffalo, ostrich or even grassfed beef should be cooked only to medium or less. you will dry it out very fast since there’s not a lot of fat in it. if you panfry any of it, add some good fat to the pan (olive, butter, lard, coconut, whatever you got that heats up ok) so that it doesn’t burn and stick before it cooks. the ground meat of buffalo makes awesome beef jerky if you want to make your own, since it’s so lean. personally, if i knew i had a healthy source of animal fat such as a grass fed animal, i would actually look for the fatty cuts and eat the fat. it’s got CLA and other healthy compounds that are really good for your heart. i would ask for some fat and render it myself, and keep it around rather than buying store bought butter. Bon Apetit! and don’t worry about saturated fat, you NEED some of it in your diet.

In general, while all will be fairly lean the leanest cuts on your list are also the cheapest. They start at the leats lean/most expensive and move down to cheapest leanest. With exception of the ground and sausage.

Hope this helps

Buffalo is lean enough that you don’t need to worry about which cut you are eating.

The (low) amount of fat you get with bison isn’t enough to worry about.

Check out JB’s article back in issue 210. Some fat is good for you. It impacts your metabolic rate as well as your T count.