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Buffalo Bar vs Straight Bar Squat Difficulty

I have been squatting with a buffalo bar for the last couple months to help my shoulders out a bit. I have a meet early may. When should I switch back to straight bar?

Also, I was expecting the buffalo bar to be more difficult than the straight bar, but did not experience more difficulty. Which bar do you think is more difficult to squat with?

They’re about the same. Buffalo bar’s camber isn’t very dramatic, so it’s more just about being easy on the shoulders.

I can’t cheat the bar placement as much with a buffalo bar as I can with a power bar. I’ll use a VERY low bar placement with a power bar, and the aggressive center knurling allows me to get away with it. Since the buffalo bar’s knurling is practically non-existent, I have to hold it a little higher.

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The buffalo bar’s knurling is a joke. I would really like to try a duffalo bar.

I would think the center of gravity of the buffalo bar would be lower if the back position is the same, but if you can get the power bar lower, then they should be about the same. Buffalo should put the weight a bit forward too.

4-6 weeks should be fine

I haven’t really noticed this myself. With low bar and my torso angle, its already pretty forward, and the camber is really gentle.

I am 7 weeks out, so I’ll probably go 4 weeks of straight bar (squat bar). Shoulders are still pretty beat up.

I had a training partner who basically did duffalo bar till he switched to squat bar when iit was time to test his openers, right before his deload