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Hello again Coach! And thanks for good replying for previous fat loss topic. I have question about supplementation, I been using varying stuff long time and now been thinking to limit them, and just use some “essentials”.

I would like to hear what you think of my list and what I should stop using, whether is pointless, lack of study etc.

Also would like to hear is my timing&dosing on point.

So here we go,

These I feel quite cheap and “more essential” and probably keep using:

-Multivitamin, twice a day morning/atfernoon
-Vitamin D, 100mcg, 3 times a week (then total daily dose 150mcg with multivitamin)
-Fish oil total 2500mg EPA/DHA, before bed
-Magnesium citrate 400mg, before bed
-Zinc gluconate 25mg, afternoon
-Coffee/caffeine, morning/preworkout
-Whey protein
-Creatine 5g, post workout

Then these I feel very optional, and would like to know if any good reason to use because these also cost me much more:

-L-tyrosine 2000mg, preworkout, basically everyday as taking on rest days before fasted cardio also with coffee
-Acetyl L-carnitine, 2000mg, also daily, pwo/morning
-Rhodiola rosea, 500mg, post workout
-Kaneka ubiquinol 300mg, preworkout+rest days as well
-Yohimbine+rauwolscine 15mg+3mg, pre cardio (this you already told your opinion on my fat loss topic)
-Turmeric/curcumin(95% curcuminoids)+bioperine 1500mg, 3 times a day, morning, afternoon, evening
-L-theanine, 400-600mg, before bed
-Taurine 2-3g, 1g post workout and 2g before bed
-Iron 25mg, evening (I dont eat red meat so been using)
-Calcium 500mg, evening (I dont use dairy often so been using)
-NAC 1200mg, afternoon/evening
-5 HTP 200mg, evening

I know this probably sounds overanalyzing, but im a person who very easily trying to “optimize” everything, and if I see or hear someone using some fancy stuff, I likely buy it without much thinking.

So I would appreciate if could get come clarificiation about my supplementation so I could stop spending money for nothing.

Of course im aware, that if you are some pro elite level athlete where every little percent can matter, things are different and then you possible could focus minor things what can get from supps, so in my case I want to hear which ones I should dumb if want use bare minimum. Thanks!

What kinda annoys me is that you are taking all of this stuff, you come to a forum sponsored by Biotest/T-nation and you don’t use a single Biotest product even when they do provide similar options to some of the stuff you are taking.

For example, you take magnesium and zinc which can be taken in Elite Minerals as a single supplement.

You take fish oil, but it’s not Flameout, which is the best fish oil supplement I know.

You take whey protein while Biotest makes Metabolic Drive which is, IMHO, superior to whey prrotein as it provides a more sustained amino acid influx.

You take caffeine, l-tyrosine, acetyl-L-carnitine ad theanine which are in Brain Candy (and Brain Candy has a few more synergistic ingredients)

You take curcumin while Biotest’s curcumin formula is the only one with a liposomal transport system which makes the product close to 10x more bioavailable than any other brand.

While I don’t see myself as a “company man” I don’t really want to answer your questions as you are not encouraging the company that provides you with so many free articles and forum while making superior products.


See some user favorites (and why - goals will change what’s “best”) in the two threads below:


I think CT is spot on here. Most of what he suggested is exactly what I take. Like you, I don’t want a lot of ‘extra’ supplements, but I DO want to make the most of what is out there. I am using Flameout, I-Well, Brain Candy, and Surge Workout Fuel. Almost everything you’re looking for is contained in those supplements. I don’t use a whey protein powder, but if I did, it would be Metabolic Drive. I used it for years, and absolutely loved it. It’s the best quality, and best tasting, protein I’ve ever tried, without question.

Dose and bioavailability are two very important concepts that I think a lot of people who just read about, and buy, every ingredient they hear something positive about, miss. Many of these ingredients require the synergistic effects of other ingredients to reach their potential, and that is a major part of how Biotest formulates their products. They don’t just throw random ingredients at you that you may have heard of, they come up with precise formulas to maximize the benefits of those ingredients.

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Does your diet consist of anything other than pills and drink mixes? Good lord

Can you post a physique pic?