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Buddy's Problem


I lift weights and run with a very good friend. His dad has other thoughts about lifting than I do. Heres the problem in more detail. I say we lift weights monday, wednesday, thursday, and saturday. I think we should run tuesday, friday, and sunday. I don't think we should have a day with NOTHING. His dad thinks we should lift and run every single day. I told him hes crazy and it'll injure us. His dad is a marine corps/army/sc national guard asshole who grew up with these "beliefs", and probably doesn't know any better. Hell, marine corps make you do push-ups in your sleep.

I really don't know what to do. What should I do? Should we lift and run every day of the week? Or continue to do my plan?


Your all worng you should lift like me and only run sprints once a week and not run long distance throw in some conditioning GPP strong man stuff and take two days off each week.

Your both right ( well except the no damn day off I say take at least one) It depends on your goals, the program, how much volume he wants you tpo lift and you are talking about lifting.

What should you do. Do what fits your goals. Might help if you tell us what your goals are. If getting ready for boot camp or something along those lines Hell your buddies dad is right. If wanting to get HUGE your both wrong IMO.

Do what fits you and your situation,

Hope that helps,


My goals are to get the fat off and build some muscle and endurance to doa lot of push-ups in a row and do a lot of pull-ups in a row. I also want little body fat %. I'm not so sure about my buddy. So with that info, what should I do?


If his dad is a Marine then he is a hero and you are an Ass Hole and a wuss ass douche bag who couldn't even do half of what his dad has done so stow that shit Numb Nutz and get some respect my geuss is you couldn't muster enough to even make it through basic training.

Learn your place junior. The fact that Marines can do pushups in their sleep make them more efficiant at what they do which is providing you the right to get on here and say the dumb shit you do.

Volunteer to serve your country do a couple of tours then when youre born again hard talk shit until then stand down,.


Dude, I'm in AFROTC reserves. Do you even know what that is? And don't use google either. I'm gonna serve my country but I have to get in better shape. That's why I'm on here looking for help. His dad isn't an asshole for just being a marine, it's just the way he acts. Maybe you misunderstood that. I understand.

And note, what marines are doing today and what marines did in the 70/80's is totally different. You need to understand that before praising an old marine. I hav eno disrespect for marines, nor any other branch of service.


I will not claim to have any idea what on earth AfroTC or whatever it is you're arguing about but heck, I'm a european.

Simple, it's possible to train every day but not what I'd call advisable in most cases. If you have hard days, easy days and everything in between, you can train every day. You can train very often on low volume things like PTTP (and since I think you're a newbie it'll do you a world of good.)

Greasing the groove will help you with your pushup, pullup goals.


What are you, an idiot?

Unless it's a joke I don't get, in which case I guess I'm an idiot.


Sometimes people make stuff like this way too complicated.


Since when did someone from England consider themself a European?


I call myself both...


You are in the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corp IE ROTC whoopeee!

You are still an Ass Hole for disrespecting that Marine. And on any day I'll put a United Staes Marine Warrior up against anybody's best!

Time frame not withstanding having earned the title and serving your country warrants respect.

Thats cool you are in the ROTC but that doesn't make you a real one. And untill youve walked the walk well you no the rest.

And P.S. Marines have consistantly been involved in action since their inception

Revolutionary War KIA/40 WIA/70
Quasi-War w/France KIA/6 WIA/11
Barabary Wars KIA/4 WIA/10
War 1812 KIA/46 WIA/33
Creek-Seminole War KIA/8 WIA/1
Mexican War KIA/11 WIA/47
Civil War (Union) KIA/148 WIA/131
Spanish American War KIA/7 WIA/13
Philippine Insurrection KIA/7 WIA/19
Samoa KIA/0 WIA/2
Boxer Rebellion KIA/9 WIA/17
Nicaragua KIA/5 WIA/16
Mexico KIA/5 WIA/13
Diminican Republic KIA/17 WIA/50
Haiti KIA/10 WIA/26
Nicaragua KIA/47 WIA/66
World War 1 KIA/2,457 WIA/8,894
World War II KIA/19,733 WIA/67,207
Korean War KIA/4,267 WIA/23,744
Dominican Republic KIA/9 WIA/25
Vietnam KIA/13,067 WIA/88,633
Lebanon KIA/240 WIA/151
Grenada KIA/3 WIA/15
Persian Gulf KIA/2 WIA/0
Panama KIA/2 WIA/3
Current War on Terror To be announced

Comparing Marines from when to when? Learn your History numb Nutz and get some respect!


AFROTC=air force reserve officer training. basically getting the government to pay for college for you with the understanding that you will serve in the chosen branch of service (in this case the Air Force) for years "X" as an officer. If you make it through school. and training.

but it is the chair force, so I imagaine that training will not be too rough.

Just think, for the enlisted side of the house anyways, when you are done with your BASIC training, the Marine is only 1/2 way through his basic training. (6 week boot vs 12 week boot.)


Its amazing how topics get shattered into pieces. But still on that subject, that "marine" quit and moved to the army. Is he still the same "great" marine? And I'm not in AFROTC. I am in the reserves. Meaning if I get into shape and pass the test, I can automatically get in with no hassle.


Hey now, time to simmer down the changing of service business. I am a prior marine that switched to the army, we all have our reasons. For that matter, the Army is litered full of us, on the Active, Reserve and Gaurd side. The title Marine is something you can never take from me, and having never went through our bootcamp you have no right to. As for my reasons to switch, I felt it was a more family friendly environment(its not really) but I wanted into the medical field as it is what IM really interested in. I made a career choice and happy with it. I still miss the corp at times and I get called leather neck, devil dog, crazy assed angry marine amoung others, so I still got the swagger and damn pround of that time in my life and yes I am still that great marine. My service tag says US Army now, but that Eagle Globe and Anchor are still in my heart, and I still hold myself to be a standard bearer amoung peers.


this may sound weird, but umm.. do you have any advice for training or that sort of thing? I really didn't want to run off the road of the topic. I mean, the road we should be on is in the next town.


Training Advice: You probably shouldn't lift every day unless you're eating your ass off and sleeping plenty. Most of the programs you see on this site will have three or four days a week of lifting in them. Read them. Do them. Eat a lot. Come back and tell us how it went. If your friend's dad doesn't like that, you don't have to lift with your friend.


Well this is what I am currently doing. Its probbaly wimpy but what the hell.

Weight Dumbell Side Bends 1x10

Flat Bench Press 1x10

Seated Military Press 1x5 ( these things freaking kill me. )

Dumbell Flyes 2x10

Standing Calve Raises 2x10

Squats 2x10

Lateral Raises 1x5

Standing Barbell Curls 2x10

Wrist Curls 1x30

Standing Reverse Curls 2x10

Dumbell Preacher Curls 3x10 ( I love these things)

Dumbell Presses 2x10

Deadlift (I just switch weights and do random numbers, but the most I do currently is 200)

I know this is pretty weird and random, but this is what I currently do on mondays, wednesdays, thursday, and saturdays.

What should I do more of? What should I just cut out? My goals and what I'm lifting for can be found within this thread, so make response from that.


What do you want to achieve to begin with?


Please get a much better routine than this. This routine won't get you the best results


Then what do you suggest?