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Buddy Popped for Positive Doping NCAA Test - Needs Help

My roomie tested positive for Dbol. The crazy thing is that I’m sure he doesn’t take it - he’s claiming contaminated supplements and I believe him. His situation is he had knee surgery around 3 months before the test and couldn’t work out for over 8 weeks (on crutches). He started taking the supplement about 5 weeks before he was tested. The metabolites in his urine are at a very low level but unfortunately he doesn’t have the empty supplement bottle in order to test for contamination. How strong an argument does he have that it makes no sense for him to take a drug immediately after surgery while he’s unable to work out at all? He’s a good guy and is going through hell with this. Thanks.

he’s fucked. Even if he’s innocent (and to be honest I’m skeptical; the whole “contaminated supps” thing is a bit of an urban myth) there’s no story they’ll believe.

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He is definitely fucked

but do people take AAS while not being able to work out? Don’t they help you recover from workouts and that is the advantage of them? He was sitting on a couch for 8 weeks.

they still help you recover from surgery, too…

unless he can prove a tainted supplement, then his argument is invalid. he could always try to get a new bottle of the supplement he took to see if that’s tainted as well, but i doubt that would still fly…

people do stupid shit all the time, but yeah, people use steroids to stop muscle loss after surgery.

The “tainted supplements” argument is the equivalent of telling your girlfriend you caught herpes from a toilet seat

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That’s not my weed officer. I was just holding it for a friend.

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Damn, had I known that it helps after surgery, I would’ve done it. This needs too be stickied. haha

As others have said, the argument doesn’t work simply because he’s responsible for whatever he takes. EVEN IF it’s a tainted supplement, he’s still fucked. The reason you’re giving is fucking stupid man. ‘Why would I even do it?’ will NEVER EVER fly with the NCAA. Not a fucking chance.

Aside from this though, steroids actually do build muscle even when you’re not working out. There was a study done with several groups, 2 of which were ‘workout but no steroids’ and ‘no workout, but steroids’. The ‘no workout, but steroids’ group actually gained more lean muscle mass than the group that worked out but didn’t take anything. Sooooooo your argument really falls flat based on that alone. It actually makes a ton of sense to take steroids if you have to spend some time not working out, in order to preserve muscle during that time.

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That’s awesome. Thanks for that information.

I went three months with no workout after my torn sub scapular. I was on TRT before, but PCT (incorrectly) off before surgery. Now I wish I’d continued. I’m back to a 275lbs 10 rep max when I was 500lbs 5 rep max (before TRT). haha

she told me she was 18!


here’s that study:


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it’s a pretty eye opening study.

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I just wanted to post to call out your roommate for not working out for 8 weeks after knee surgery.


i didn’t know you read in this section!

I get very bored at work on occasion and peak in here. I can’t understand any of the science stuff, but I get a misanthropic joy from reading people doing silly things.

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Dude, mellow out. I don’t use and don’t know anything about it so I was asking for advice from those who know. My reason is not “fucking stupid.” It was a question that I didn’t know. Thanks for the answer.

no man. it’s a stupid reason. no way around that, lol.

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another roid curious poster!

Join usssssssss

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As long as they’re illegal, I am out. I got a family to provide for, and I can’t honestly imagine not being there for them just because I needed to be more jacked and got arrested or lost my job in the process.