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Buddy Afraid of 'Effeminate Proportions' from DL


Not a bodybuilder, but this sounded so whacked I have to ask you guys if it's true:

Lifting with a guy I know from school. He's not in bad shape, but he's not stepping onstage anyntime soon. About 5'10" 185, says he's 6% bf, looks closer to 12% to me. Anyway, I was setting up the bar for deadlift, and he tells me he's going to sit this set out because "deadlift makes your hips big, round, and effeminate" and "ruins your proportions." He claims all bodybuilders know this, which is why they avoid deadlifting.

Sounded like a bullshit excuse to me, especially because I know some huge BB guys who DL right alongside me, but is there someone in the BB community actually pushing this? Or is it just frat boy nonsense?


Sounds like total bullshit to me. I do lots of deadlifts and I wouldn't exactly call my proportions effeminate.


No, it is true. I knew a guy who pulled heavy 2x/week for the first few years of his training and before he realized what was happening he turned into a tranny. Wanna see some pics of him/her?


Little known fact:
Kim Kardashian pulls x4 her body weight for reps and that's where she got those hips n ass.
Same with Nicki Minaj


Also, 5'10 185pounds at 6% would be a sick physique, not "not in bad shape."


I call bullshit.


It's so true that's how you know the guy doesn't have those stats.


The one seriously negative side effect I've noticed from deadlifting is getting a lot fucking stronger that I used to be.

Be careful.


Your buddy is right

Ever been to a powerlifting meet? All those shapely, effeminate posteriors are enough to turn a straight man gay



Oh yeah deadlifting makes your hips and ass look so feminine. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard guyz.


I'm texting him that pic. You guys kick ass.


For a certain bodybuilders who already have wider hips that may be true. But I've noticed most people who use a weight belt never have that problem. Remember if he's truly into bodybuilding and wants that V-taper more than bragging rights then


Stop it dude .... You're making me all "tingly" down there , lol

Damn deadlifts!


That mental image just set back years of therapy.


Still laughing from that 10 mins after reading it!!!


Your hip width is genetically determined Deads aren't gonna move your bone structure wider


Yeah, all the good BBer's avoid it.

Your friend is a pussy. He doesn't do them because deadlifting is hard, so he made up an excuse.



If you really want to mess with his head, remind him that Vince Gironda, one of the most popular bodybuilding coaches of his era, used to say basically the same thing about back squats - that they built the glutes and hips and were better used in women's training. Sooner or later, the guy will probably stop showing up to train with you at all, or just end up an arm day partner.


I can't help it brah. The deadlifts just made me too sexy.


Every time I see Bauber's posts and his avatar, part of me thinks he lifts weights.