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Buddies on ArmaTest and Methyl-1D

Couple of my buddies are into this new craze about the testostrone boosters. I find it ridiculous but they say im jealous cause if their gains. I tell them I don’t need T boosters at my age (17 gonna be 18 in 30 days) but they refuse to listen. What can I tell them to get off that shit, I think their just setting them selves up for some serious problems down the road.

let them live and learn. They probably won’t listen if they haven’t already.

People don’t like to be told they’re doing something wrong, b/c then they get defensive and try to justify their decisions.

after a few months of seeing little progress they will eventually run out of money and patience and will probably be doing something else besides weight training.

I used to be the same in way in trying to correct the errors of others, but now I realized it’s just best to let the idiocracy run it’s course and only offer advice, or help to those who will listen and want help.

Otherwise…hats off to you and your ‘t-booster’ I’m gonna go train. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

If I were in your shoes I’d just keep training hard, harder than them, and eating more/better than them. When you get better results than them…then they will always listen to you. lol

I made varsity baseball as a freshman in high school and some of the sr used to give me a hard time about being skinny, etc…I was also the rookie. lol Anyways fast forward to today and those same guys call me and ask me for weight training, supp, nutrition advice.

keep training hard


Thanks guys I appreciate it see Dirty Gerdy (haha) the thing is I am the guy people come too. So its a bit sad that when I offer advice that is corrects neglected because its not what they wanna hear. But thanks guys I think im just gonna sit back and watch them. In the mean while ill keep working on squatting over 500.