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Budda's weight gain log...


I thought I'd start this log so I could stop hi-jacking TX Hawkeyes thread about GHRP-6! And also so I could keep an easily accessible record of my training an eating.

I've basically arrived at the point when I cannot really progress any further without help. thats why I'm here and have started this log.

I am a lanky ectomorph. I've been training for ten years now, I started off 140LB@6.2 foot: In 2010 I started 5/3/1 and reached my all time highest weight (and all time highest strength, which wasn't that much for me but still) of 230LB.
I was eating so much that I lost count of the time I spent sick and remember spending more time ill (upset stomach etc) than any other year of my life :frowning:

Each time I'd get ill I'd end up back down to 210-215 and would work my way back up then get ill again. I explained the situation to BBB who advised me to eat 2 chocolate bars pre workout in order to protect my glycogen stores. I was slightly skeptical and hadn't eaten any chocolate for over 2 years but I proceeded and got my 5 kg of muscle back in around 5 weeks, AND lost some fat, and have had no trouble maintaining 230LB ever since.

The goal now as I mentioned in TX's thread was to hit 240LB before the end of November which is looking unlikely now as I am fluctuating between 228-232LB. I thought the next best step would be to start logging all of my workouts, meals and supplements so that I hopefully receive some constructive feedback and advice.

My latest nutritional protocol is this (although I forgot the Anaconda today LOL)

Pre workout 1 hour: protein shake 50g protein, fiber, flaxseed, MCT oil
Pre workout: 1x rockstar energy drink (sugary) 2-3 snickers bars
peri workout: Anaconda drink
PWO: shake as above
PWO 1 hour: meal i.e chicken and whole grain rice in pasta sauce, or if I'm mega busy a large sandwich or another shake perhaps with oats in if I feel I 'need' the carbs.

In order to crank up the calories I've been eating pizza and beefburger, which is helping and so far, not increasing my BF.

I have a few pictures in my HUB (sorry, don't know how to remove the attention whore butt pics) which are just a few I've taken myself (my GF asks me to send them to her) I've never been lean as in six pack lean and though I have no intention of getting fat I'm prepared to gain a little more fat if I can get to 240LB, then, I'd like to get to 250LB and diet down until I'm lean-as in-visible abs lean; thats the plan for now anyway.

I took this picture about a week ago, its not very flattering on the waist but I'm lean enough to see my hips. I've only had my BF measured twice in my life, when I was 24 it was 20% @230LB (I was a fat fuck when I got back from backpacking) then at 225-230LB a few years ago I was 13%, as I said I've never significantly broken past the 230LB and stayed there, I'd like this to change.


Todays leg/back workout (felt shitty the last couple of days, didn't sleep well, I tried to train legs yesterday but was out in 30 minutes as I could tell it was going to be a crap workout) so I decided to go easier on myself today, which would be better than not training at all. I slept pretty well last night, which was very much needed.

Breakfast: Pint of water, protein shake with an egg instead of MCT oil plus fiber (ran out, I'm waiting on a new delivery). Walked dog and bought my rockstar energy drink.

Off to work, picked up a bacon and sausage baguette en route.

Got home: protein shake plus fiber

Pre workout: 2 snickers

peri workout: forgot Anaconda, but to be honest it wouldn't have been necessary.

PWO Protein shake no carbs or fat.

One hour PWO: pepperoni pizza 12" thin crust.

Its now 1630. I'll likely have another shake with a couple of eggs and eat another pizza before I go out tonight for a few beers.

My diet depends a lot on where I am (home, work University) as that determines where I can go for food. I tend not to cook often or eat many fruit or veggies, which is why I make sure I consume fiber and vitamins throughout the day.If I'm passing the supermarket I like to buy the ready cooked meat which is affordable and very convenient. I'm thinking of mixing up plastic tubs of meat and salad drenched in olive oil and carrying them round with a target number to eat each day LOL. I think organization of meals is the next step... An example of a meal about an hour after a decent workout is a portion of rice mixed in pasta sauce with 4 quality quarter pounders chopped up into pieces, if I have it in the house or I've had time to get organized and hit the supermarket.

This is in my home gym, so all exercises are pretty basic and with basic equipment.

Warm up including bulgarian split squats to loosen up and stretch quads and hip flexors.

Trap bar dead-lifts (I have a trap bar which you can flip over to do 2" handles lifts, but I decided to increase the range of motion for variation, starting today).
I forgot to record the reps and sets LOL (great start!) but I remember doing 10's for the warm ups and the heaviest work set was a set of 3 at about 80%1RM, then a set of 5 with a slightly lower weight.

Calves: I alternated a set of calf raises (standing) with each set (including the warmups) of belt squats.

Front squats with front squat harness, worked up to 4 or 5 sets of 5 at about 80% of my 5RM.

Pull ups, a set of 5 supersetted between each set of front squats.

I wanted to do some high rep (20-30) belt squats but I knew I needed to call it a day, I could just 'feel' it wouldn't have been productive. So I just warmed down and went home for a PWO shake and 1 hour later 12" thin crust pepperoni pizza :wink:


As someone starting off at 6'2", 140lbs as well, I'm really interested to see your progress, and hear your thoughts on training, nutrition, ect. Good luck man.


Thanks spidey, I may upload a pic of me when I was super fucking skinny! I was very self conscious so have very few pictures of me with my top off!

I also had gyno, I had the surgery a couple of years ago so my chest lags because training it before would push the lumps out making them more visible through my clothes.

Progress is getting more and more difficult though. The nutritional adjustments made recently have made a big difference and using WSB's tricks of constantly rotating variations of core exercises have helped i.e various squats in converse or weightlifting shoes etc.


Me, 19 years old, a couple of years before I started training: 140LB's... I was so weak then I couldn't do a press up!

Probably no surprise I didn't get laid on that holiday! LOL


230LB taken this week.


This is about 225-230LB. The picture is a bit gay but its the only one that shows my legs/leg. I took this a couple of weeks ago.

Being 6.2 foot sucks when it comes to filling out! If my 'towel pic' can start to look more like Waylanders I'll be a very happy Budda: no gay.


0700: Couple of pints of water; walked dog, got my rock star energy drink and drank it on the way home.

0730: breakfast: 2 gammon steaks and 2 eggs fried in coconut oil

1015: Protein shake with 50g protein, flaxseed powder and fiber. Multi vitamin, multi mineral, fish oils and mega green tea capsule.

This is really handy as I have such an awful memory!

1200: 12" thin crust pepperoni pizza

1440: Protein shake 50g protein, flaxseed powder and fiber plus 3g fish oil

1640 2 chocolate bars

1645-1740 in gym

1805: large plate of minced beef and vegetable casserole. Fuck I feel full...

2030: Protein shake with fiber.

I've felt full pretty much ALL day and had to really force down that casserole.

When I get five I'll try and calculate roughly how many calories that was today.


I wasn't going to train today but despite a few drinks last night and not much sleep I feel good and may not train tomorrow as it will likely be a long day.

Approximately 0600-0630: woke up and had sex, I did all the work so I'm counting this as medium intensity CV

1650: Training

incline bench presses up to work sets of 5-8 supersetted with sets of 5 pullups

incline bench presses sets of 8-10 supersetted with face pulls with a band

band triceps pushdowns supersetted with triceps bar curls

workout completed in about 45-50 minutes.


0530 wake up

Breakfast: 0600 protein shake 50g protein, 2 eggs, fiber, flax

I've got a nice cold rockstar energy in the fridge to drink whilst I'm driving to work (I don't drink tea or coffee) and have just got three protein drinks ready to take with me (so I just need to add water). I was going to cook and try and force down two gammon steaks and two eggs but its too early....


0900 2x Chocolate milkshakes each with 500Cals 1x chicken and bacon sandwich

1300 half a chicken wit 2 brown rolls

1400 protein shake

1845 8 BBQ chicken wings

1945: 12" pepperoni pizza thin crust

Gonna try and eat a couple of burgers a bit later or at least another 2 shakes

In retrospect there were too many carbs today, certainly no more for me this evening. I forgot I had shakes in my car when I bought the milkshakes! from now on I'll try and keep carbs to my PWO choccy bars and fruit and veggies.

I must avoid dirty bulking!

2030 Protein shake


Good thread Dude ! I love the before picture, I was right there with you man.

I have kinda hit a plateau myself. Changing my pre shake, some of the other stuff...we'll see.

And like you, I ate pretty bad all weekend. Going to clean that up today and tomorrow. I start,

and then end up eating way too much.

Was doing 2 Oatmeal packets, till I noticed they have 12 g Sugar each, so just doing one, and adding

raw oatmeal to it. Also, grabbing Caramel Apple Rice Cakes at the store, they take care of the sweet

tooth. Going with protein and Wheat Germ shakes mid AM, and mid PM....replacing solid food at that


Good luck to you man. My upper is about where yours is, little thinner. Working on legs, they are

behind where yours are. I started taking Squats seriously now...its amazing how much they do. I thought I

could get by with just leg presses, etc, but now that I am doing deep, correct squats the legs are doing well.

Good luck, have a great week !


Hi TX, thanks for stopping by man, I thought it was kind of unfair to turn your thread into my weight gain log! So I started this; the difference at just being able to look back at the day and see what I ate and when I ate, as opposed to 'free styling it' is very interesting. That before picture took YEARS of dieting!

I'm laying off the pizza from now forth. Even my girlfriend who doesn't work out seriously said "why dont you just eat more healthy fats instead of pizza and ice cream?" and she was right! If she can simplify it like that then I've got no excuse. I have 12 quarter pounders in the fridge so I'll be starting on those very soon.

2 chocolate bars pre workout is a 'safe' and sufficient treat, pizza and ice cream really isn't necessary, its just delicious...

0900: two large gammon steaks and 2 eggs fried in coconut oil.

1030 half a bacon sandwich

1100 protein shake

1145 two chocolate bars and a rock star energy drink (pre workout)

1420 PWO: multivitamin, multi-mineral, vitamin E, green tea capsule, Protein shake with two heaped scoops of protein powder so prolly 60g protein, plus 2 eggs plus fiber.

I'm going to stay 'carbless' PWO - as in the next couple of hours at least anyway. Though I will likely eat a small amount before the day is over. I also omitted the 'Anaconda' peri workout as it is just too fucking disgusting for me. This was the best workout I've had for a week or so, I'm going to keep the caffeine pre workout on training days as I think that helps. I was a little bit sick too during the band DL's, too much sugar I think, so next time I'll have a sugar free RSE drink and my two chocolate bars about 10-20 minutes before I start training. I think that will hit the sweet spot, and whilst I couldn't eat PWO I forced down the protein shake which I think/feel will be beneficial.

1705: 3x quarter pounders, one in a whole meal bun, the other 2 on their own with a dollop of BBQ sauce.

1950: Large chicken kebab with extra salad, threw the pitta bread away

2330: protein shake


Just had a GREAT workout! I think having my caffeine pre workout made a big difference...

I200: Band DL, I prefer to use stronger bands and lighter weights than vice versa.

warmup, purple band plus x3,x2, blue bands, x1, x1, x1, x1, red bands, x1, x2, x1

Calf raises supersetted with the band DL's on most sets but didn't count/record

Standing crunch with bands x20, x20,x20 feet together and feet wide apart, this makes quite a difference...

Front stance in Converse
warm up x6,x6

80%1RM x3,x3,x3,x6,x5,x5,x5

belt squat 50%1RM x10,x10, 70% x8,x6,x6

warm down


I got put into a situation where...if I eat fat that is not healthy right now, it will really backfire. I started gulping down 3 tbspns of Canola Oil for the Omega 3's...to help heal my elbow. And it is really helping. That being said, I am getting plenty of fat from that oil, obviously.

So when I do get fat from a pizza (like Saturday) or something not so good for me, it is twice as bad cause I think my fat allowance for a day is pretty much all taken up by the oil.

Started yesterday just having a Protein with Wheat Germ shake in mid AM, and mid PM....don't have milk at work, so it is just mixed with water. That really helps, it is obviously very clean.

For ex, last night I had a flat pack of Salmon with a little Swiss cheese. It's sooo noticeable when you eat fat, it really weighs me down.

Keep up the good work !!!!


TX: I've got 4 quarter pounders on the grill now, 2 of which I will eat with whole meal buns, the other 2 I will eat with just a drop of quality BBQ sauce. I'm waiting on a order of MCT oil to add to my shakes, but for now the additional fat is coming from adding a couple of eggs. No more pizza or ice cream. I know exactly what you mean by the fats, the extra food makes me 'feel' full, not just physically but psychologically as well, if that makes sense, and I want that to be full from foods with some nutritional value, not from junk.

Making myself accountable for what I eat and when and how I train is an enormous kick up the ass! I may start recording my studying sessions as well!

I'm loving the band work too! I'm going to try and band press and DL once a week along with the repetition work and max effort type work, I can really feel the effects of band work, it really hits you like no other type of training...


Good log mate, looking forward to see how you get on. Looks like you can eat a lot of high fat high sugar foods and not put on any fat, lucky you!
Whereabouts in England you from?


Thanks Dre, I'm in London, mate.

I really restricted certain foods until a last year, when I increased fats to gain weight but was ruthless about keeping chocolate, sweets, ice cream and pizza out. Towards the end of last year I upped the fats and became liberal with the red meat (thanks prof X) and earlier this year Bushidobadboy instructed me to eat 2 chocolate bars pre workout, which resulted in quality weight gain. Since then I've been trying to increase growth so I went a bit gung-ho but haven't gained any fat yet! I have more muscle mass than ever before (not saying its an enormous amount) which must give me more scope for 'dietary abuse' as I'm burning more resting calories.

I'm trying to dial it down and stay high fat, high protein with carbs primarily pre workout, and when I 'feel' I need them. My job can be physical, some days more than others so I do my best to adjust carbs accordingly.

My next step is to try and add more salads and maybe veggies (which I dont like), vegetable soup is about as far as I'll go I think LOL. I want to use sick abs and Bugadesh's trick of drowning salads and meats in healthy oils like virgin and MCT. I've already started using MCT in my shakes I'm now waiting on a redelivery.


Good stuff. Sounds like you're making good progress and making adjustments when needed. Listening to the guys on here can really help too, as long as it's the right guys lol.
Interesting what you said about the chocolate bars pre work out. I take it this is to ensure you're using the fast absorbing glucose from them to avoid any glycogen depletion. I'm definitely going to try that out on my next bulk, especially considering you're not seeing any significant fat gain. I went really high carb on my last bulk and didn't like the results at all, lots of fat gain and almost no muscle so I'm going to try going higher fat, and carba peri workout like you.
Where in London you from? I'm just near putney.


Just curious man, what are some of your numbers on the big lifts?? If you don't wanna say, I totally understand, just I've bulked up to 230 previously, but didn't make the strength gains to validate it (aka got too fat), so I like to see where guys with your size are strength wise.