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Bud Jeffries???


Anybody else here think Bud Jeffries is probably one THE most underrated strength writers/atheletes in the US.

While I'm at it anyone here read/bought/copied Jeffries book "How to squat 900lbs"?



His 1000 pound raw squat at his website is impressive but not really to parallel and I'd rather see him do 900 in a competition.

He's not well known because he doesn't compete. Why the heck would a guy who's natural and that strong not compete in a drug free competition?


Who knows bro???
I don't really go for the right wing, what seems to be extreme christian stuff either. But he is one strong SOB. I think he's concentrating on ultimate fighting comps rite now, don't know for sure tho.

I wanna get his "How to squat 900lbs" book/video. He does have some insightful things to say about productive squatting.


When you say concentrating do you mean as in he's training people, acting as stength coach, etc, or he himself is training to fight MMA?

I'm asking this in all seriousness. The guy is scary strong and if he can get the cardio and speed to fight MMA, he'd be hell on wheels.


Not to say Mr. Jeffries does this, but competing in a sanctioned events guarantees that the performance was done in a more legitimate manner, i.e. proper performance, proper plates (not hollowed out wood), etc.

Underrated he is not.



Jeffries , 345lbs and fought in the NHB (no holds barred) league (?)w/ a 1:1 record.


^NON troll link


he has squated 750 in an AAU RAW meet before if i am not mistaken. i have met him and his VERY strong wife before, as he used to throw in the same Highland Games association that i used to compete in. when i met him he was a very nice and humble man.


bud jeffries has not faught in any sactioned event or it would be on sherdog.com fight finder.